Huge Physical Gold, Silver and Miners Update: Farshad Shirvani

Huge Physical Gold, Silver and Miners Update: Farshad Shirvani by Rory for The Daily Coin

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The past year we have seen massive changes in the gold and silver markets that no one would have thought possible even two years ago. The huge mergers and acquisitions occurring at the very top of the food chain with the worlds largest gold mining operations making major changes took most everyone by surprise. This created even more M&A within the industry as it seemed the larger mines were signaling coming changes in the overall gold market.

Not only did we have these changes within the mining industry, late in 2019 we witnessed the Federal Reserve reversing course from pushing interest rates higher, the Fed, without warning, actually began printing currency, again. By the end of 2019 the Fed had created, out-of-thin-air, upwards of $2 trillion brand new fiat currency notes that had disappeared into the banking system. As if this weren’t enough, on a Sunday afternoon in March 2020 the Federal Reserve announced ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy) had arrived.

Gold was beginning to reflect the instability happening within the banking and mining industry and gold responded by moving higher. Gold is still moving higher in the first four months of 2020

Now we have the global economy on lockdown for the past several weeks, central banks around the world printing fiat currency like confetti and shoveling digital currency into every bank, government and corporation around the world. Oh yeah, they have managed to throw a few crumbs to the people as well.

Farshad Shirvani, CEO of Doubleview, was able to see something happening back in December long before most of the instability came to light. The models Mr. Shirvani uses were pointing to the “best gold market during 2020 in centuries”. But don’t take my word for it, here is what Farshad had to say back in December 2019 when we last spoke with him during our interview – 2020 Best Gold Market Not Seen In Centuries – Farshad Shirvani

We haven’t seen much, basically almost none, (capital inflows into the mining stocks) and that creates a deficit. The money will flow into it, the hype will start and I believe the next year (2020) we will have the best gold market, starting, that no one has seen in centuries. ~Farshad Shirvani for The Daily Coin

What prophetic words.

Mr. Shirvani is back on the line and discussing what he sees in the coming months. Farshad explains the year is about to start, the fireworks are about to be lit and by the end of Q1 2021 we are going to see massive changes that will make the changes over the past year look like nothing more than a walk through the park on a beautiful spring day.

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