Debunking The Progressive Nonsense Involving The Michigan “stay-at-home” Demonstrations

Debunking The Progressive Nonsense Involving The Michigan “stay-at-home” Demonstrations by Conservative Resurgence

COVID-19 lockdown protests are spreading and so is misinformation about them. As a series of demonstrations against COVID-19 lockdown orders sweep the U.S., protesters have shown wildly varying degrees of responsibility and realism. Some have been staying 6 feet from others or even protesting from within cars, while simply asking for some shutdown leeway for local businesses and entrepreneurs who are willing to take extra steps to keep pandemic-times customers safe. Alas, others have been crowding up against each other in large numbers—without masks or any other precautions—while suggesting that the entire coronavirus outbreak might be a hoax.

Some folks online have started spreading rumors that protesters are paid “crisis actors”—alleging their signs too well-made or similar and that their websites have fishy origins. But we needn’t turn to conspiracy theories for an explanation; we’ve been seeing in real time as the president and his media supporters encourage protests against COVID-19 containment measures, while popular fringe figures like Alex Jones portray the protests as “leading the way against the tyrants.” No nefarious backers need to whip out their checkbooks when cult favorites are on the case.

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On the flip side, people’s revulsion at the more reckless or bratty elements of these protests is setting up social media for a round of fake protest news.

Over the weekend, flyers were posted around Tottenville, Staten Island, advertising an “End the Lockdown Rally.” The flyers, which bore President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” and a MAGA hashtag, called for people to gather without masks at Conference House Park on April 19, adding “bring your children” and “if you’re sick still come, it’s your right.”

Twitter has been buzzing with condemnations of the protest and the Trump fans who were allegedly organizing it. But whatever the intentions of those who posted it (a political prank, either attempting to make Republicans look dumb and evil; trying to make it look like liberals are trying to make Republicans look dumb and evil; or a genuine attempt to cause chaos and contagion are all possible, I suppose, though in varying degrees of likelihood), no one showed up.

After last week’s protest around the Michigan Capitol, a picture of someone holding a large swasika flag that said “TRUMP PENCE” began circulating on social media as a sign of the supposed Nword leanings of Trump supporters and the people protesting. But after some viral outrage about the kind of people the conservative organizers of these protests were in cahoots with, it turns out that the picture in question actually came from a March 2 Bernie Sanders rally in Boise, Idaho.

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