CCTV Cameras Are Being Turned Into Heartbeat Measuring Social Distancing Monsters

CCTV Cameras Are Being Turned Into Heartbeat Measuring Social Distancing Monsters by  for Activist Post

Facial recognition company VSBLTY announced that they are working with Photon-X to turn smart city cameras into heartbeat measuring cameras.

The two firms are collaborating to develop a multi-sensor camera capability specifically for security and smart buildings applications. Photon-X object recognition and analytics combined with VSBLTY facial recognition will provide an advanced screening tool for facilities to identify and validate that someone with a high temperature is about to enter a building. Fever, cough and difficulty breathing are some of the common symptoms of COVID-19.

VSBLTY’s software will turn CCTV cameras into privacy destroying MONSTERS!

The new model will have several advanced features to the typical infrared cameras that are currently being used to measure body surface temperature. The VSBLTY-Photon-X cameras will additionally measure heartbeat and oxygen saturation levels with the goal of helping to produce less false positives than the standard infrared cameras now in use.

Police will no longer need to use facial recognition to identify and track someone because now they can use a person’s heartbeat and oxygen saturation levels to identify them.

Allowing law enforcement to track people’s heartbeats proves that our politicians care more about monitoring everyone and less about our privacy.

VSBLTY is also infamous for turning video screens into secret facial recognition devices.

CCTV cameras turned into social distancing monsters

Artificial Intelligence company, Landing AI announced they have developed software that turns CCTV cameras into social distancing police monitors.

To complement our customers’ efforts and to help ensure social distancing protocol in their workplace, Landing AI has developed an AI-enabled social distancing detection tool that can detect if people are keeping a safe distance from each other by analyzing real time video streams from the camera.

The video below shows how Landing AI’s “Social Distancing Detector” can be used to enforce social distancing rules.

As the demo shows below, the detector could highlight people whose distance is below the minimum acceptable distance in red, and draw a line between to emphasize this. The system will also be able to issue an alert to remind people to keep a safe distance if the protocol is violated.

Does anyone really believe that Landing AI is marketing social distancing software to private companies? What happens when governments let police use Landing AI to enforce public social distancing in real-time?

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