Pelosi Blames McConnell For Stimulus Delay, Gives Trump An ‘F’ For Preparedness

Pelosi Blames McConnell For Stimulus Delay, Gives Trump An ‘F’ For Preparedness By Jennie Taer for Sara A Carter

TDC Note – Let’s see…corrupt-to-the-core Pelosi has been in office for 20+ years while President Trump has been in office for just over 3 years. Yeah, I see how you blame the President for his lack of preparedness there corrupt-to-the-core Pelosi – got it! – Let ’em eat ice cream.

And all you idiots in the San Fransisco area just keeping voting this witch back into office. You are officially the problem.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blamed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for delaying the passage of additional stimulus funding amid the coronavirus pandemic and gave President Donald Trump an “F” for his handling of the crisis, during an interview with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Wednesday.

“Mitch McConnell likes to say we delayed the bill, no, he delayed the bill. Two weeks ago, he came to the floor and said this is all we’re doing just the 250. Democrats were reunited in the House and Senate,” Pelosi said. “The Senate Democrats went to the floor and said no, no to that, we have a better idea about hospitals and testing and more funds for all of the businesses, the lower shall we say unbankable small businesses.”

She continued, “So we were very pleased that he finally came around to the fact that we had to go forward with this. So he was the one wasting time. I say that because I keep hearing him say we delayed, no, he delayed. But here we are and we’re ready to go on to the next bill and help our heroes.”

Senate Republicans and Democrats passed a bill to provide an additional $500 billion to the CARES Act. The bill allocates over $322 billion for the Payment Protection Program that ran out of funding last week. It also gives $60 billion to small businesses, $75 billion to hospitals, and $25 billion to ramping up coronavirus testing.

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