Top Dangerous And Deadly Prepping Mistakes We See Happening During The COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic By Newbie Preppers

Top Dangerous And Deadly Prepping Mistakes We See Happening During The COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic By Newbie Preppers By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

A recent ANP article provided evidence that many, many Americans that previously thought those considered preppers and survivalists, were “crazy” people that needed tin foil hats, are now rushing to become what they think “preppers” are.

With so many states implementing stay-at-home orders, grocery shelves in many areas sparsely stocked and completely missing many highly sought-after items, Americans are awakening to the fact that at some point, whether from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic or something else in the future,  they may just need to learn how to survive without their “delivery app” or closest restaurant or grocery store.

In the comment section of that recent article, reader “Tribulation”offered up an excellent suggestion for a follow up piece, discussing safety issues and mistakes that “newbies” (those new to the concept of prepping) often make, some of which can be dangerous and deadly to themselves and to others.

Via that comment section: Reader ‘Tribulation’ – “One thing that concerns me about the new found “prepping fad” among people is that they are first timers, rookies. They will make a lot of mistakes. Some will result in waste, some could be down right deadly. The one thing that bubbles up to the surface in my concern is first time firearms folks. From articles I’ve read it appears that Californians will have a tough time getting that first firearm. But when they do WATCH OUT!!

Would be a good idea to put up an article regarding basic firearms safety and/or link to a safety course or discussion for first time buyers. Maybe the article should address the five “Gotcha’s” of first time preppers? Maybe someone here can write that article?!”

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Outstanding point because while there are a number of available articles dealing with newbie mistakes, some which cover food integrity,things not to do when canning, etc….   It can be a challenge to find something covering the most dangerous and deadly mistakes, such as first time firearm owners thinking they can purchase a firearm, wait until something happens where they think they need it, and just point and shoot.

Yeah…. NO.

That is the perfect way for them to either shoot themselves accidentally, one of their kids, family members or spouse, or even get themselves killed with their own gun while the perpetrator then takes that weapon to go rob or kill other people.

As my response to the suggestion indicated, while I have a certain amount of firearm and safety knowledge, I am not in any way, shape or form qualified to teach, so we have hunted a number of resources as a starting point for those unfamiliar with weapons.

The  NRA offers pages on State gun laws, basic safety rules,  and information on physical training resources because  learning how to shoot, when to shoot, where the “safety” even is, and how to be a responsible gun owner, is not something that should ever, ever, be “learned” online only.

There are also other websites available, such as, where you enter your zip code and they offer a number of gun safety training classes near you.


To make a fairly long explanation short, OPSEC is all about protecting critical information.

As a prepper that would include not telling the world, or anyone other than family members and/or friends that would all be working together in a SHTF scenario, exactly what you have in stored food, supplies, etc….where you keep it, how much of you have or what you have to defend it with if necessary.

Many of us discuss prepping in the comment section, but most do so within certain limits, in vague terms of I have enough of this, or that, or I am getting this or that, or I plan to get this.  You get the point. It isn’t smart ot list your address and inform the world
exactly what you have and where you store it.

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