Tyrants Cracking Down Upon Americans Growing Their Own Food

Tyrants Cracking Down Upon Americans Growing Their Own Food By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

Setting Up Americans For Starvation As Prepping Suddenly Becomes Popular With The Masses

– Food Shortages Everywhere & Seed Companies Cannot Keep Up With Demand

Suddenly Americans, many of which previously thought that “preppers” and “survivalists” were crazy people that needed tin foil hats because they believed the “conspiracy theory” that some event would  happen that could cause a number of things, including food shortages, or rioting, civil unrest, among other possible consequences from said event, have decided that “Hey, prepping might not be such a bad idea!”

Make no mistake, I am not mocking those late to the party on prepping, better late than never. But I am pointing out that waiting until after we start seeing food shortages, civil unrest, and protests is like closing the barn door after most the animals had already escaped.

It is quite literally impossible to catch up all at once.

Try to buy a few years worth of food from a emergency survival food company now, and most are sold out or announcing that it could take a month or three to even ship your order.  Of course there is plenty of items listed as available, but there are notes at the top of their main pages, say things like “Due To Increased Demand Please Allow 1-2 Months To Ship – Click Here to Shop Available Products,” over at BePrepared.com and “We are experiencing a delay in shipping. CLICK HERE for details,” at My Patriot Supply.”

Screen shot of Shipping update from the front page of Legacy Food Storage shown below:

We are seeing the same type of issue at Amazon, although to a lesser extent as many sellers still have certain products available while others are showing a delayed shipping time range as well, so hunting and keeping a close eye on shipping and delivery dates rather than “in stock” notes, is paramount.

I could go on, but the point here is that catching up all at once is impossible. Period.

With all that said, catching up with preppers that have been preparing for months or years, and getting to a point where you can survive until you have the means to grow your own food, are two very different things.

Below we are going to visit a few stories that prove that if you haven’t started your garden, indoor or outdoor, depending on your space,  you better get it started now.

The goal here is to stock up on enough to at least last a couple months, since finding year-long supplies in one kit with a reasonable delivery and shipping time, is simply not feasible, and getting a garden producing at right about the time you run out and need fresh fruits and vegetables, should now be the goal.


It is interesting that just as we see that some Walmarts are preventing shoppers from accessing the gardening sections, and the ‘Tyrant’ woman Governor of Michigan has banned some stores from selling seeds, soils, and gardening supplies calling them “not necessary” (Source- Forbes),  as seed companies report they cannot keep up with demand because many Americans have discovered the need to start growing their own food.

As millions of Americans hunker down at home, the coronavirus outbreak has led to runs on everything from toilet paper to baker’s yeast. Now people are reporting another shortage: seeds to start their “pandemic gardens.”

Some seed companies said they’ve temporarily stopped taking new orders after seeing an overwhelming surge in demand. The increase in orders is “just unbelievable,” said George Ball, chairman of Burpee Seeds, a 144-year-old seed company in Pennsylvania. The company closed to new orders last week because it needed time to catch up, although it plans to start accepting them again on Wednesday.

It wouldn’t be surprising if more states, cities or towns start implementing that same type of policies where they think they should be able to decide what is and is not”necessary” or “essential” for Americans.

As of now, Amazon does still have gardening suplies, soil, seeds and kits to start indoor gardens and outdoor planting.

First we would suggest some books on gardening, how and when the best time is to grow which vegetables and fruits. Here is the search page so readers can go through all the options should they wish to. We would make recommendations but only you know what is right for you, what space you have, what the weather is like in your area, etc…

We’ll start with seeds. While you can find dirt and soil just about anywhere, without seeds there is no garden. Below is a partial list of what is still available with a reasonable shipping and delivery time frame.

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