Fed-Up Michiganders Stage Massive Rally Over Orwellian Orders (Video)

Fed-Up Michiganders Stage Massive Rally Over Orwellian Orders Video by Conservative Resurgence

The people of Michigan are done being told they can’t go check on their parents or buy “non-essential” goods like tomato seeds on the order of that woman, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who thinks she has magical powers to dictate to free people what they can or can’t buy. Thousands of cars descended on Lansing Wednesday to bring the clear message that Michigan is still a free state, and its citizens have not suddenly lost their constitutional rights because of a viral pandemic.

The biggest complaint most people in America have with the overreaching tyrannical edicts infecting our nation (besides the obvious abuse of civil rights) is the lack of understanding that we are all adults and are perfectly capable of social distancing and taking precautions on our own without police “help” in the form of fines and tickets or arrests. The governors of blue states are gleeful with their newfound power to direct everyone’s lives down to the most minuscule decisions, such as whether or not you are allowed to plant a garden this spring.

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It’s heartening to see Michiganders rise up and say “NO.”

One of the major problems with the “one size fits all” lockdown based on the worst-hit sections of the country is that rural areas are not experiencing any issues with the virus. They want to get back to work with precautions so the economy doesn’t go under. Treating major cities and rural areas the same is a ludicrous approach. One protest sign reads: “795 of the virus is in 3 counties. Get the other 80 counties back to work.”

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