Can You Say Desperate? Sure You Can – COMEX / LBMA Hide The Empty Vaults Behind A Wall of Government Secrecy

Can You Say Desperate? Sure You Can – COMEX / LBMA Hide The Empty Vaults Behind A Wall of Government Secrecy by Rory for The Daily Coin

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Not only is coronavirus providing cover for martial law, it is now providing cover for the COMEX / LBMA to commit crimes in total secrecy.

Over the past two months we have published, now three, articles surrounding the ongoing desperation within the COMEX / LBMA. Since we aren’t technicians we keep it simple and take what the charts tells us. At times they scream at us. Sometimes their screams fall on deaf ears. The past two months they have not – we captured these strange anomalies that have been pointing to the moment we now find ourselves.

In the midst of these anomalies we find the COMEX and LBMA clearing houses being overrun with contracts that people actually want to settle and take delivery of the physical metal. This is causing massive problems with the ongoing fraud at these global gold settling markets. The fact that they have oversold the metals, according to Jeff Christian, “100 to 1” is now coming home to roost.

In the video below recorded during a hearing of the CFTC. At the 4:25 mark Jeff Christian, Managing Partner, CPM Group (owners of the COMEX) admits the metals are traded at a ratio of 100 to 1 – in other words, 100 ounces of “paper” metal are traded for every 1 ounce of physical metal.

Just before the Globex market opened Bullion Star sent out this tweet…

The only thing I could think was this was put together as the beat downs in the metals are about begin. The “market” should actually head straight up this evening, however, will the above info signal something different? Will it matter at all?

As we published before…

The first chart, courtesy of KitCo, shows this very odd anomaly with a massive $185+ straight line drop. If you look close you can see several points of action on the way back up, which appears to indicate nefarious activity, otherwise, it would be straight line down and straight line up – if it were some type of “glitch”.

Was this a set up for what we are going to see in the near future? This was some weird thing that happened but, if you look at it, there were trades made on the way back up – 3-4 different trades.

Then a couple of weeks later this happened…

All the way back on February 24, 2020, we ask a simple question regarding an anomaly that showed up that Sunday night – Is This What Desperation In The Gold Market Looks Like? Well, it appears we weren’t too far off the mark as we are seeing massive downdrafts in the metals and massive reversals in the equities and DXY.

I turned my back for about an hour and when I returned this is what I found!!

We are not crazy. Are these charts, in conjunction with the all the new rules on the COMEX / LBMA foretelling something very, very nasty coming? Don’t forget, you can’t request any information using FOIA!! The COMEX / LBMA now have their cover in place and can commit crimes at will. No one can question, no one can look behind the curtain and no one will ever go to prison. Those RICO charges people have been talking about the past few months against JP Morgan, well, those will have no longer have a leg to stand upon. We knew the DoJ would never bring any real charges against JP Morgan and said so on a number of occasions.

Breathe in the corruption. Its right there for all to see. All you little people better learn to love it.

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