Identity Politics PressCorps Warrior Angered By Surgeon General Telling POC’s Behavior Affects Risks (Video)

Identity Politics PressCorps Warrior Angered By Surgeon General Telling POC’s Behavior Affects Risks Video by Conservative Resurgence

Yesterday, I wrote about how PBS journalist Yamiche Alcindor tried to go the woke route with Surgeon General Jerome Adams during the Friday White House Coronavirus Task Force press briefing after allegedly “offensive” remarks he made in an attempt to appeal to the African-American and Latino communities on the importance of being safe during the Wuhan coronavirus crisis.

Just to quickly recap, here’s what Alcindor asked, and how Adams responded:

YAMICHE ALCINDOR: I have a quick question for you. You — you’ve said that African Americans and Latinos should avoid alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. You also said, “Do it for your abuela and do it for Big Mama and Pop-Pop.” There are some people already —

SURGEON GENERAL ADAMS: I said “granddaddy” too.

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ALCINDOR: There’s some people online that are already offended by that language and the idea that you’re saying behaviors might be leading to these high death rates. Could you talk about whether or not people — could you, I guess, have a response for people who might be offended by the language that you used?

ADAMS: Well, I used that language because that’s the language — I’ve been meeting with the NAACP, with the National Medical Association, with others. I actually talked with — with Derrick Johnson multiple times this week, the head of the NAACP, and we need targeted outreach to the African American community.

And I used the language that is used in my family. I have a Puerto Rican brother-in-law. I call my granddaddy “granddaddy.” I have relatives who call their — their grandparents “Big Mama.” So that was not meant to be offensive. That’s the language that we use and that I use.

And we need to continue to target our outreach to those communities. It is critically important that they understand it’s not just about them, and I was very clear about that. It’s not just about what you do, but you also are not helpless.

The Usual Suspects rushed to condemn Adams for having the audacity to try and connect with minority communities who have been disproportionately impacted by the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) all but called Adams President Trump’s ‘Uncle Tom’ for his remarks. “Uncle Tom” trended on Twitter Friday night, thanks to Alcindor’s question.

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