Consequences of Unintended Consequences

Consequences of Unintended Consequences by Rory for The Daily Coin

As this ongoing martial law continues to unfold we are beginning to see some very nasty situations come to the surface. We have the Governor of Indiana unleashing his own version of martial law, specifically, targeting Christians and how he is ordering people to worship on Resurrection Sunday, Easter. We also find the Mayor of Greenville, MS actually fining / arresting people for worshipping that were following the letter of the martial law as dictated by the Mayor.

While we certainly believe until more people, like Ammon Bundy, stand up and push back, this will get far worse.


There is also a whole other side to this situation that is being overlooked. One of the consequences of unintended consequences of martial law is quiet. Another is a dramatic reduction in use of electricity. When I say dramatic imagine the number of factories, trucks, trains, planes and automobiles that are sitting idle around the world. Imagine all the lights, generators and electoral relay stations that are pushing 1/2 or less of the capacity they were pushing just 3 weeks ago?

All of these situations and items create massive amounts of noise. Not only do they create lots of noise they pump electricity into the air that directly impacts our body, mind and soul. People are moving much slower now – most people that is – healthcare workers would be the exception. They are not only not slowing down a great many of them are moving double time.

We now have an opportunity before us that is unprecedented in our lifetime. Lives are quieter, families are closer and our heart rate is not being impacted by high capacity electrical lines. What will we do with this time? How can we make changes that have been on our hearts for days, weeks, months or years? Will we seize the moment or allow it to slip by, as we do with so much of our lives?

The quiet that surrounds us may never be again.

Do we really need ID2020? Or a better way of asking – who benefits from “we the people” having ID2020? Is it me or does this sound a lot like some kind of “mark” we have heard about all our lives or is this simply the next step in the UN Agenda 21 / 2030 Agenda?



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