Bioweapons, Bioweapons, Who’s Wielding the COVID-19 Bioweapon?

Bioweapons, Bioweapons, Who’s Wielding the COVID-19 Bioweapon? Author: Phil Butler for Journal NEO

What you are about to read will be confusing, at first, but this is unavoidable. After all, we did wake up to martial law unofficially declared, all around the world. So, you can expect some confusion before unraveling the truth we face. Hopefully, I will be able to help you sift through all the market opportunists proclaiming new coronavirus related windfalls. Maybe readers will be somehow enriched and empowered, knowing why consumerism is about to die a horrible death.

My story began over the weekend, as I dug and researched who is behind what appeared to be a manufactured catastrophe gripping our world. I had facts on tap about a CIA PR company connected to a FOX news expert and former fake Anthrax “victim,” and links in between evil billionaire George Soros and a Republic of Georgia weapons lab. My research took me to a Rolling Stone story from 2005 telling about the man show engaged in “Perception Management” to sell Americans a war that was never intended to be won. Perception management discovery led to John Rendon, and other linkages looped in the Plame Affair, Mutual Self Destruction (MAD), deceased OSS operatives and Cold War wagerers, and finally a “Plan B” to take the place of regime change and economic war. Then I realized, many of my colleagues are reporting on this stuff.

A lot of my focus for the “would be” report was on the Manhattan Institute, which was co-founded by none other than Ronald Reagan’s CIA Director, William J. Casey, who some will remember Casey for his role in the so-called Iran-Contra affair. Then there was his co-conspirator who created the Atlas Network, Sir Antony Fisher. But many have outlined the west-east war of detente and intrigue before. So, my hours of reading and collating over the last few days led me to consider how COVID-19 is being used as an instrument of power, and as a test for future operations of a kind.

Following this line of inquiry, I ran across an unexpected discovery at the Manhattan Institute, an initiative called Project FDA, which is a pharmaceutical industry mechanism for pumping innovative drugs into the system faster than ever before. But, this aspect of the current manipulated pandemic is but a minuscule fragment over the overall scheme. Other colleagues are presenting evidence of this industry’s role, but I came to realized a chilling truth. You see, it does not matter if the CIA or the Pentagon created this pandemic or not. The people in power are weaponizing COVID-19 nonetheless.

There’s the media/propaganda component John Rendon and others have created counterinformation networks to disseminate from. George Soros zombie cells like the one run by Natalia Antelava, the co-founder of Coda Media out of New York. Variations on the theme of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty, the Online News Association (ONA), which is partially funded by Soros, and the liberal order’s cultivated armies of Atlantic, CNN, BBC, and other media operatives. But the whole mess of them just reminds us of the Petrie dish that SARS-CoV-2 was probably incubated in before being flown to Wuhan in an athlete host. Okay, what if that is a conspiracy theory? Is it any more unfathomable as the truth of Donald Trump on Twitter telling Americans “He’s got it under control (coronavirus)?” Is a genetically modified Pentagon weapon more unfeasible than the U.S. president following up telling Americans to pray? Or to relax? Or to ask God for help? Or to feel sorry for him?

China is blaming the United States saying this new virus was distributed there to cripple the Chinese economy. And now, is casting a shadow over China’s militaristic media for casting blame on the U.S. Still, the old detective adage of means, motive, and opportunity seem to ring true for me. And the Trump administration has had these for a long time. As before, my colleagues have already delved into this tangent of the pandemic before me. As Andre Vltchek puts it:

“Suddenly, various Chinese officials expressed publicly what many in both China and Russia have been, for weeks, articulating in sotto voce: that it was perhaps the U.S. military establishment, which brought the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) to Wuhan, to harm China and bring the world back, through complex backroads, under the West’s control.”

Accepting this as a viable theory, and I have no reason to doubt Gordon Duff at this late date, I am delivered to the question of why? And this brings on a host of contingency scenarios which include reshaping western democracies and the patching of the whole consumerist idea. As you have already, surely assumed, this report has been recondensed a dozen times out of necessity. This is true because no one you can name is capable of synthesizing the liberal order’s ultimate war on us into fewer than 20 volumes. We must, of necessity, take tiny fragments at a time lest we choke to death on the enormity.

Take fracking in the U.S., for instance. It was never a sustainable energy endeavor. Trump and his predecessors only paved the way and promoted so Exxon and the others could squeeze the last dollar bill out of Texas’ dried up oil wells. They (Big Brother or whoever) never waste a penny, you see? Factor in Peak Oil, which I harp on continually. The Saudi’s are just about dried up now, which leaves Russia, Iran, and Venezuela holding most of the fossil energy cards. Compound this by the fact Trump’s Great America is built on staggering, towering, stacks of debt, and a world reset pandemic makes even more sense. They might as well control the crash, and make damn sure everybody goes down with the MAGA Titanic too.

The “reason” for this pandemic is not so complicated to understand. Assuming that our current form of capitalistic democracy is a failure, which it surely is, the only way for our failed leaders to go forward is a reset. We have seen these reboots many times before. Today, however, the situation for consumerist ideologies is direr. Growth, which is what all our economic systems count on, is just unsustainable. The only way a Rothschild (for instance) can perpetuate rising dividends or profits is to either expand or to invent a win. Trees and oil are, after all, disappearing in record numbers. We can have only so many Chinese factories pumping out plastic toys to kids in America. And especially if nobody in America is working. Short version, the democratic soup is evaporating in the pot.

Experts are predicting 30 percent unemployment in the United States when this pandemic is done wreaking havoc. Here in Europe the only industry that really matters, tourism, is busted already. No country on this continent can continue after losing 10 to 30 percent of their GDP. Trump’s backers at the central banks will print out about $2 trillion to prop up elite companies, the same will happen in Europe, and then they’ll use these taxpayer dollars and euros to buy up the failed businesses of the misfortunate.

And the homes. And the national treasures. And the culture and tradition and whatever else they can squeeze profit out of. Yes, this is the game, and you know it. But, the other side has created a whole ecosystem of business robots set to drive planet Earth right over the capitalistic edge. Take our aforementioned Manhattan Institute, they spawned something called the Adam Smith Society back in 2011. This organization is a nationwide chapter-based association of business school students to promote discussion about the moral, social, and economic benefits of capitalism.

Contrary to the implanted model of capitalism we’ve been using for decades, there’s another school of thought most people know nothing about. An interesting UK think tank known as the New Economics Foundation presents the case for a “new model of wealth creation, based on equality, diversity and economic stability. Imagine that. I find it amazing that an organization like this exists in a sea of lunatic new age industrialists led by Donald Trump and his benefactors.

Searching the list of donations to NEF I ran into the obituary of a fascinating character named Ronald Higgins, a diplomat turned Observer columnist who wrote The Seventh Enemy, about global threats, which appeared in the Observer magazine in 1975. It was Higgins who first managed to link war, poverty and environmental degradation into a single overarching theme. And if I am correct, he was also the largest single contributor to NEF before his death. How fitting this is, that a story about capitalists societies trapped by the very helmsmen who put our Earthly ship on the shoals should lead us back 45 years to warnings long since forgotten. The problem we are facing, the reason for this reboot is contained in this narrative from The New Economic Foundation:

“The areas in which greater [financial] investment will yield continued improvements in well-being lie beyond the reach of markets.”

Who’s wielding the COVID-19 bioweapon? The side that needs to wield it the most, who else?

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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