Gold The Secret Knowledge of the Financial Universe: Chris Powell

Gold The Secret Knowledge of the Financial Universe: Chris Powell by Rory for The Daily Coin

With central banks, around the world, creating trillions and trillions of fiat currency out of the thin air, not to mention the COMEX and LBMA committing crimes in the gold market, in broad daylight, it seemed like the appropriate time to speak with a person that has been fighting for the past two decades, on our behalf, to shine the light on how these crimes, and a great many others, impact our world.

Chris Powell, Secretary Treasurer, GATA, along with Bill Murphy and a host of others, have been researching, gathering data and bringing to light the memos, documents and conversations that prove, rather conclusively, the gold pricing suppression scheme that began in 1974.

With demand, the world over, for both physical gold and physical silver at all time highs it seems the precious metals community would be screaming from every roof top over the situation that has just transpired at the COMEX and LBMA. But alias, only a handful of people have been willing to discuss the precious metals manipulation that fully exposes what has happened and what has been ongoing for the past 45+ years.

Jan Nieuwenhuijs: Central banks need a higher gold price

Gold manipulation is acknowledged at Kitco News only to be rationalized

Perth Mint sold out of gold kilobars

When the contracts on the COMEX came due for the 100 ounce gold bars, and people actually wanted to take delivery of these bars, the COMEX had to quickly change the rules, point to the LBMA and admit in front of the world their vault had no 100 ounce gold bars. This happened during the time in which we find the worlds top gold refineries, a significant number of gold / silver mines and major Mints all shut down because of a global pandemic. Needless to say two of the top three refineries were recently given approval to operate on a limited basis. My guess is, speculation, these refineries were opened to produce the, now needed, 100 ounce gold bars. Of course, we will never know the truth, but it seems odd that as soon as a global gold problem comes to the attention of people around the world, once shuttered refineries are approved to start operations within a couple of days! hmmm…

If you are still questioning wether this whole charade is some “theory” cooked up by tinfoil hat wearing crazies, then please explain this – Kissinger-Enders transcript that Chris Powell mentions close to the end of the show. where Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, yes that Henry Kissinger, explains in detail how the gold pricing scheme is going to work and who will benefit.

If you still have questions please read Stuart Englert’s book – click here to pick up a copy and listen to the interview we recently conducted with with Mr. Englert about his book –  Rigged: Exposing the Largest Financial Fraud in History – Stuart Englert

Just Take Our Word…LBMA and CME Claim Vaults Overrunning With Gold

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