OPEN LETTER TO CONGRESS by ProLiberty for The Daily Coin

Dear congress critter,

Has Congress just permitted a coup under the guise of saving the US economy ??


Your constituent,

John Q. Public


If the rumor that the US Treasury (i.e., Munchin of Goldman Sachs) has been authorized as of March 27 to purchase bad debt from the Fed and drop the bad debt that was purchased from Too Big To Fail banks onto the US taxpayers [to save Wall Street from bankruptcy] is true — [[[[and it appears to be confirmed]]]—, we must conclude Wall Street, as hidden owners of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Inc., has completed a coup and Wall Street, the creators of the crisis, now have the economic reins of the Nation.

And the Fed wants to be exempt from FOIA requests ???    I can see why. Wall Street wants the taxpayers and citizens to buy all their trashy MBS’s, derivatives, and such. In addition to exposing the $23 trillion they have embezzled over the past 100 years.



The – [Ft. Detrick] – virus is the distraction from the economic collapse that was already pending from Federal Reserve//Wall Street high-risk agenda.

VIRUS—Link is to NY doctor who has treated >500 cases with 100% cure rate. Relief in 4-6 hours and cure in 6 days: The open letter was sent to White House 10 days ago. Also, with 500 patients; and;; and 4 other sites.

The virus was discussed years before the spread from Ft. Detrick; the cure was known. . ;

The virus is going to be blamed as the cause of the economic collapse. The TBTF banks have led the nation to insolvency and will use the Fed to cover the bankruptcy of its owners. Then they will use the Fed to foreclose on the US national debt.

The select Primary Dealers/TBTF banks own shares of the BOG, Inc. The BOG is [alleged to be] a closely held corp that does not have to file SEC reports. They have skimmed $22 trillion [illegal] profit over 100 years. They are using the Fed to protect their [bankrupt] banks and their ownership of six mega-corporations. Ref.

The ultimate end is the Fed will be used to foreclose on the $23a trillion national debt of the US.

The scheme can be exposed by FOIA. Ref.

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