Key congressman questions FBI Director Wray’s commitment to cleaning up bureau’s faults

Key congressman questions FBI Director Wray’s commitment to cleaning up bureau’s faults By John Solomon for Just the News

Rep. Jim Jordan cited lack of Wray’s intensity, also supports “adversarial” advocate to protect Americans in FISA process.

Rep. Jim Jordan, whose investigative work exposed the shortcomings in the Russia collusion probe, said he would like to see greater intensity from FBI Director Christopher Wray in fixing the widespread misconduct and noncompliance uncovered inside the bureau.

Jordan, R-Ohio, also said he supports making the process for obtaining Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants to spy on Americans more “adversarial,” perhaps by having a legal advocate protect the civil liberties of individuals unwittingly being targeted by the FBI.

“I would like a more robust process and something that is much closer to an adversarial relationship in that court, because that’s how it works in our other courts,” Jordan told Just the News in an interview this week. “And that’s one of the hallmarks and what makes our system the best system ever.”

In a wide-ranging interview with the John Solomon Reports podcast. Jordan also addressed concerns about Wray’s leadership of the FBI after a string of Justice Department inspector general reports exposed widespread misconduct and noncompliance inside the bureau. The FBI was “screwing it up left and right,” he said.

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Those reports by watchdog Michael Horowitz found evidence of falsifying evidence, and submitting inaccurate and unverified evidence to the FISA court in the Russia probe and failing to properly vet informants like Christopher Steele across the bureau.

The most recent alarm sounded Tuesday when the IG revealed that a review of 29 FISA warrant applications over the last five years found all had errors, and unverified information that violated the bureau’s Wood Procedures for ensuring courts aren’t misled and Americans civil liberties aren’t trampled.

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