Local Officials Lose Their Minds During Pandemic – ‘Protecting’ Americans By Treating Them Like Criminals Is Pushing For Civil War

Local Officials Lose Their Minds During Pandemic – ‘Protecting’ Americans By Treating Them Like Criminals Is Pushing For Civil War By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

Here at ANP, along with many other Independent News websites, we watched what was happening in China with COVID-19, then in Italy, and warned it was a pandemic and it could happen here in the U.S., so to prepare, supplement what is needed to round out the food supply and basic necessities.

When we saw people ignoring the danger heading right them like a train and downplaying it, even to the point of insisting it couldn’t happen here, we then recommend the healthy quarantine themselves to not become exposed and to help stop the spread, along with wearing masks and gloves when out in public.

I remind readers of that because while we have noted that others were encouraging people to ignore the danger, therefore pushing them to endanger themselves , their families, neighbors, and communities, we find it isn’t only some of “we the people” that have shown a disturbing lack of common sense, but local state and/or county officials, along with some police departments, are using this pandemic to act like tyrants.

Multiple states have issued some version of stay-at-home orders, excluding things considered “essential,” such as medications, doctors appointments, food and exercise, even if some aren’t calling them “stay-at-home” measures, but have non-essential businesses closed, along with schools, and banning groups of 10 or more from gathering together.

Many would say some of those measures are sliding us down a scary slippery slope, and others would point out that Americans, in this particular case, have acted extremely irresponsibly in refusing to take common sense measures themselves, and giving the local governments the excuse to step in, crack down and usher in their tyrannical measures.

(Malibu police arrest paddle boarder for violating stay-at-home order to surf… alone)



We fully believe that staying away from the masses, is the right way to help stop the spread of this deadly coronavirus, shown clearly in our early warnings about creating a healthy self-quarantine, but to us, that meant stay the heck away from places that have heavy traffic, if at all possible.  We encouraged staying away from even the grocery stores if they were prepared enough with emergency survival food to survive without a store.

You don’t want to be breathing someone elses air.

You don’t want people coughing or sneezing on you.

You don’t want to be touching items that others have been handling.

One can do all of the above, or even take proper precautions if they have to do grocery shopping because they didn’t have enough stored, without locking yourself up inside your home.

Yet, we see local officials taking these stay-at-home orders to the point of absurdity, as people are being arrested for leaving their homes, when they are alone, endangering no one because they are away from everyone.

Previously we touched on how local officials in Florida and Louisiana decided to arrest preachers for refusing to cancel church, while promoting the idea of releasing criminals from prison because of COVID-19.

To me, that is one aspect of absurdity being spouted by public officials.

Well, we have found more that should be listed under the “what the hell?” category.

Guy board surfing in Malibu, alone. No one around him, in contact with no one else. Endangering nobody, including himself because… I repeat for emphasis there was no one around him and he was in contact with no one else.

At least not until they arrested him, with two members of law enforcement putting him in danger because of close contact with them, and putting themselves in danger because of contact with him.

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Where is the common sense in that? It isn’t like the Spring Break crowd  refusing to stop gathering, then dozens becoming infected with the virus, or the people having “coronavirus parties.” This was one single person, figuring out a way to get out of the house, get some exercise and being smart about it by not being where other people are.

They arrested him for not obeying them initially when they ordered him to get out of the water for violating the stay-at-home order.

Then again we are talking California, where tyranny is their end goal.

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