Global Gold Scheme Is Back Online, Along With The Gold Refineries

Global Gold Scheme Is Back Online, Along With The Gold Refineries by Rory for The Daily Coin

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One of the reasons The Daily Coin exist is because of the financial, banking crimes and government corruption. With friends like these….

Over the years some situations just naturally expose themselves as the depths of crimes are simply to big. What has happened over the past few weeks in the gold “market” price suppression scheme has been exposed on a grand scale. While there are other analyst that show you charts and point out the fine details we have long believed the crimes are so blatant that all one has to do is add 2+2 and the answer is always, and forever, 4

What we recently reported in an article titled – Just Take Our Word…LBMA and CME Claim Vaults Overrunning With Gold

If the CME Group and LBMA are both flush with gold why do they have to keep changing the rules, changing the location of where the gold is held and most importantly why do each of these organizations continually have to remind us they are flush with gold? Why wouldn’t each organization simply conduct their business, fill the orders according to each contract and then report, weekly, what the transactions look like and how they all balance? They can’t, and won’t do this, because they are both running a fraud. Here is the latest cover piece in an attempt to convince the world they have tons and tons of gold on hand – gold you can’t see, gold you can’t buy or sell, but trust them, the gold exist.

U.S. exchange operator CME Group Inc (CME.O) and London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) said on Wednesday that gold stocks remain healthy and depositories are operating normally, as the markets work toward easing market volatility.

The latest published numbers show record stocks of 8,326 tonnes of gold in London, which is equivalent to 666,045 standard 400-ounce gold bars, according to the LBMA, which oversees the London trade hub.

Meanwhile, CME said its New York depositories held 9.2 million ounces of gold with 5.6 million ounces eligible as of March 30, nearing a record high in terms of stock levels.

CME Group last week announced the initial listing of enhanced delivery gold futures that will be deliverable in 100-ounce bars, 400-ounce bars, or kilo bars, effective April 6.

The announcement came after LBMA and several major banks that trade gold asked CME to allow gold bars in London to be used to settle its contracts to ease disruption to trading. Source

Following a mountain of bad press about how the CME Group and LMBA are changing the rules and inventing new schemes on a daily basis someone at the top of the food chain put the squeeze on the gold refineries to bring them back online to produce something to cover the crimes being shoved down our throat. Crimes that anyone could see if they simply spent an hour reading about the latest schemes and policy changes made by the CME Group and LBMA.

If you listened to the details of these crimes as Ronan Manly, Bullion Star, does an excellent job of painting the undeniable picture – Ronan Manly: LBMA and COMEX Playing Gold Market Musical Chairs (Video)

As the unofficial “PR group” for the CME Group and LBMA Reuters just released the following on Sunday April 5:

Three of the world’s biggest gold refineries said they will partially reopen after a two week closure that disrupted global supply of the metal.

Valcambi, Argor-Heraeus and PAMP, located near the Swiss border with Italy, were shut by a local government order on March 20 which closed non-essential industry to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Together they process about 1,500 tonnes of gold a year — equivalent to a third of global supply — and are a key transit point, purifying mined material and reshaping metal moving between markets that require gold in different sizes and shapes.

Fears that it would be impossible to turn enough 400 ounce bars stored in London into 100 ounce bars used in New York drove U.S. gold futures sharply above London prices after the refiners closed.

Valcambi and Argor said on Sunday they had received government approval to partially reopen on April 6. PAMP said on Friday it had permission to restart.

I wonder if any of these refineries will begin making the 100 ounce gold bars the CME Group needs. Currently, the CME Group has zero, since this is not a product the LBMA actually holds for settlement and it will be interesting to see how the ACE (Accumulated Certificates of Exchange) contracts work out that Ronan Manly discussed in the interview mentioned above. More paper, stacked onto of other paper pushing the price of gold around to accommodate the satanic globalist running the world.

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