Austria Says EU Migrant Redistribution ‘Has Failed’, Refuses Asylum Seekers

Austria Says EU Migrant Redistribution ‘Has Failed’, Refuses Asylum Seekers by VICTORIA FRIEDMAN for Breitbart

Austria’s Europe minister has said that the EU’s compulsory migrant redistribution scheme “has failed” and member-states should be able to choose whether to accept migrants or not.

While some 150 non-governmental organisations have put pressure on Austria to accept Middle Eastern migrants stuck in Greece because of the worsening coronavirus pandemic, two government spokesmen have said that Austria will maintain its current policy and not accept any more asylum seekers.

“It remains a no,” confirmed Claudia Türtscher, the spokeswoman for Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg, of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP), according to Kronen Zeitung.

Ms Türtscher referred the media back to Chancellor Kurz’s remarks from last month when he warned against the European Union transferring any migrants from Greece and attempting to redistribute them across the political bloc.

“If the European Union allows these people to enter, millions will be on their way,” the 33-year-old Austrian premier said last month, insisting that the best course of action for his country is “to support Greece as best as possible and to send a clear message as an EU”.

“If we take in the people who Erdoğan sends to the border, it won’t stay at 13,000. Then millions of people will set off,” he explained.

When Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan opened the gates to Europe, allowing thousands of migrants to push their way into Greece, in late February, Austria called the move an attack on the European Union and asserted that it would not accept a single illegal alien.

Instead, Austria sent special police forces to Greece to help local authorities maintain the border and repel illegals.

The Austrian people back Chancellor Kurz’s stance, with a poll from March revealing a clear majority (61 per cent) reject taking migrants as part of an EU redistribution strategy.

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