US Suffers Biggest Jump In New Cases, Deaths As Governors Battle For Ventilators: Live Updates

US Suffers Biggest Jump In New Cases, Deaths As Governors Battle For Ventilators: Live Updates from Zero Hedge


  • US nonfarm payrolls was an unmitigated disaster
  • CDC recommends Americans wear facemasks in public
  • Russia reports drop in cases after extending quarantine
  • NY COVID-19 cases top 100k
  • Bolsonaro urges country to “go back to work” as Brazil’s governors say opposite
  • McConnell affirms 4th coronavirus bill in the works
  • Brazil says first COVID-19 case and death in South American happened 1 month earlier
  • Beijing says more than half of foreign diplomats identified as close contacts of COVID-19 patients
  • NJ reports jump in new cases, deaths
  • Number of recovered patients tops 250k globally
  • US reports biggest one-day jump in deaths, cases
  • Japan sees resurgence of cases continue
  • Navy hospital ship in NY only treating 20 patients
  • White House plans to pay for coronavirus care
  • CNN’s Brooke Baldwin tests positive
  • Netherlands reports another 148 deaths
  • UK reports biggest daily jump in deaths
  • Thousands of small business owners excluded from ‘Paycheck Protection Program’
  • Spain, Germany report encouraging deceleration in new cases
  • Singapore launches strict 14-day lockdown to fight virus resurgence
  • Trump slams 3M on twitter
  • 400M in loans doled out
  • Bank of America becomes first big bank to issue loans via the plan
  • Mnuchin confirms ‘Paycheck Protection Plan’ is a go
  • Tokyo mayor warns about resurgence of cases on CNN

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Update (1920ET): Johns Hopkins University just updated its database of COVID-19 infections…and the death toll in the US has climbed north of 7k after US states reported 1,314 new deaths on Friday, the biggest one-day jump in the US since the outbreak began. The CDC also confirmed 31,160 new cases, the biggest one-day jump in cases, bringing the US total to 276,037.

If you squint really hard…it almost looks like the curve is flattening out…

Terrified Americans can at least take solace in the fact that Congress – as Mitch McConnell just confirmed – is already working on coronavirus rescue bill No. 4…while most Americans are still waiting for the help from bills 1,2 and 3.

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Update (1740ET): As expected, President Trump said Friday that the CDC has reversed its position on face masks – it had previously recommended that Americans specifically not buy masks to alleviate supply shortages creating problems for hospitals and doctors offices – and is now officially recommending that all Americans wear masks when they venture out in public.

As we noted earlier, circumstances vary widely across the US: there are still a dozen states who haven’t issued mandatory ‘stay at home’ orders. But as supply shortages remain, the unfortunate truth – that masks really do help prevent the spread of COVID-19 – could no longer be ignored, as more empirical evidence suggested that people should wear masks, already a common practice in Asia.

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