Critical: N95 Mask Prioritized To Foreign Nations

Critical: N95 Mask Prioritized To Foreign Nations by Rory for The Daily Coin

If you watch the first ten minutes of the video below you will better understand why I have been saying to Bring It All Home – Bring All Critical Manufacturing Back to America! while this wouldn’t stop what is currently happening with 3M the incentive for other companies to manufacture products in the U.S. would make the situation with 3M a non-issue. 3M could overlook their customer base, to their own detriment, all they wanted. Currently, most of the good N95 mask are manufactured in China with very few being made here.

Now we learn that 3M has been selling the top shelf mask, manufactured here in the states, to the highest cash bidder. I love capitalism and know that it’s a system that works. This is actually a great case to prove that point. The unfortunate part is, globalization has wiped out all the competition and off-shored most of the manufacturing of not only this medical device but most of the medical devices we need in this country. When you have a monopoly you control the board and have the ability to charge what you want and sell to whoever you want. That is not capitalism, that is crony capitalism in an age of globalization.

You’re about to hear, first hand, how this works. You’re about to hear, first hand, what happens when a critical piece of everyday life comes under the control of a globalized, monopolized manufacturer who has no loyalty to anyone. Their only loyalty is to the volume of wealth they are able to create off other peoples misery.

The opening conversation in the video below drives home every word we wrote in a recent article – as a reminder of what we said…

Critical manufacturing should always be kept at home. Unfortunately, a small group of satanic globalist, that, by the way hate you and your family, thought it more important for themselves to become extremely wealthy at the risk of you and your family suffering on a scale that is hard to fathom.

By simply having more manufacturing on U.S. soil this would open up the free market and put an end to price gouging and monopolies like 3M currently has on the N95 mask. Yes, I understand there are other options, but when the chips are down do you want a knock-off or do you want the top shelf?

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