Physical Silver Update 4220 – What’s Available / What Price?

Physical Silver Update 4220 – What’s Available / What Price? by Rory for The Daily Coin

Today we focused on American Silver Eagles like we focused on American Gold Eagles in our last report. Focusing on the top selling product in the market keeps the playing field level. Yes, there are other products available, especially in the silver market, but they are traded at a much different level than Eagles. Most of the products are considered “rounds” or “medallions” and don’t command the premiums as the numismatic / monetary coins. The demand for these more “generic” rounds is far less which plays into their ability to command higher premiums.

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Today we looked at the same three bullion dealers, SDBullion, APMEX and JMBullion, and recognized that Cloud Hard Assets is still flush with coins and bars. We didn’t use them with our gold show, so, we didn’t review their products during this show for that reason.

What we found today was similar to what we found yesterday with the gold update. While there are Eagles available, there can be some pretty hefty premiums – across the board. No one is giving them away.

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