Post-Virus, When are We Going to Start Thinking?

Post-Virus, When are We Going to Start Thinking? By Christopher Chantrill for American Thinker

My primary conceit, if I have one, is that I have actually read a book. In consequence, I believe, I can think about the world from more than one perspective.

Can we actually think about the Wu Flu yet?

‘Cos right now most everyone seems to be running on empty.

China? It is doing what lefty totalitarian dictatorships are good at: jailing its people and prompting its useful idiots abroad to broadcast its totalitarian propaganda.

Progressive activists? They got busy calling Trump a racist for stopping flights from China and then calling the American people racists for disdaining the elite-approved name for the disease coined by international bureaucrats.

Congerscritters? They got to work on a hand-out-the-loot stimulus bill, which only got held up for a week when the progressive activists got Nancy Pelosi to try to divert some of the loot to vital progressive activism.

Federal Reserve? It got right to work printing money.

Nancy Pelosi? She went on the Sunday talk shows to propose an investigation.

Truckers? They marched towards the sound of the guns and insisted on keeping roadside facilities open.

Media? They worked on finding five ways from Sunday to blame the whole thing on Trump.

Trump? He is trying to stay two days ahead of conventional wisdom so he looks like a leader.

Young people? They are acting as though they were immortal.

Second-tier Democratic governors? They are making sure that nobody tries the Trump-boosted hydroxychloroquine treatment.

“Very Conservatives?” They report being “calm.”

“Very Liberals?” They lead the nation in being “afraid” and “angry.”

Now, what Jordan B. Peterson writes, in 12 Rules, is that normal life is Order and anything that disturbs it is Chaos.

Our brains respond instantly when chaos appears with simple hyper-fast circuits maintained from the ancient days, when our ancestors dwelled in trees, and snakes struck in a flash. After that… comes the later evolving, more complex but slower responses of emotions — and after that, comes thinking, of the higher order, which can extend over seconds, minutes or years.

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