Cops Detain and Harass Man for Allegedly Withdrawing $40,000 from His Bank

Cops Detain and Harass Man for Allegedly Withdrawing $40,000 from His Bank by Jack Burns for The Free Thought Project

Crawfordsville, IN — Police officers in Crawfordsville appear to have attempted to get a man to incriminate himself for entirely legal actions he took at his local banking institution. To be clear, we do not know the identity of the Youtube user who goes by thechannel name ofSSTX9. We found the channel linked to SugarShaneTX9 on Instagram but the user has a private channel. Also, we’ve learned “Shane” may also be disabled. In a recent forum, SSTX9 posted he lives in Indiana, is disabled, and has to make frequent visits to several doctors monthly. It is unclear if he is disabled because he is a veteran, or otherwise, but at any rate, we found his most recent police contact disturbing to say the least.

It may come as a surprise to our readers but your bank tellers are required to report any suspicious financial activity at their bank to the authorities, especially amounts involving more than $10,000. Yes, that’s right America. The government works closely with your bank to make sure the money you deposit into their accounts stays right there. As TFTP has reported on numerous occasions, if you attempt to withdraw your money in the form of cold hard cash, and it’s a significant amount, and your bank thinks you’re up to no good (criminal activity), they are required to notify the police. It is called a Suspicious Activity Report.

Shane may have learned the hard way which bank to trust when Crawfordsville, Indiana police pulled him over and began to question him about his bank account. In the small town of Crawfordsville (population 16,000) a motorist was stopped by armed men with guns and badges and asked to explain recent transition activity he made in his bank account. There are neighborhoods larger than the town of Crawfordsville so the small town cop harassment of a motorist is making big news as it serves to illustrate the reaches of the powerful police state in which we all live.

As the cell phone footage begins, a Crawfordsville cop asks Shane about his recent bank activity whereby he allegedly “was down at the bank and you tried to switch 40,000 dollars worth of cash”. The unidentified police officer was not dealing with a rookie. Shane responded by asking a few questions of his own such as, “did I do something wrong?”

“That’s what I was asking. I’m trying to have a conversation with you,” the officer replied.

At this point it’s apparent that someone “down at the bank” reported Shane to the cops. We at TFTP really don’t care if Shane is an upstanding citizen or a criminal. We do, however, concern ourselves with police department overreach and how it affects our constitutional rights to comport ourselves as free individuals, free from being asked to explain any and all bank transactions to men with guns. Shane states again:

I’m just curious if I’ve done something illegal because I need to know, I have business to take care of.

Shane remained quiet and did not respond to the presence or the imposition of the officers with guns standing at his car window. He did ask the officer, “Is there anything I can help you with?”

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