Coronavirus Killed the Constitution Star

Coronavirus Killed the Constitution Star By Doug “Uncola” Lynn via

Video killed the radio star
Pictures came and broke your heart
Oh ah-ah-ah oh
And now we meet in an abandoned studio
We hear the playback and it seems so long ago
…. Video killed the radio star
Video killed the radio star
In my mind and in my car
We can’t rewind we’ve gone too far

The Buggles (1979)


War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

– George Orwell


Social Distance® is just. Flatten the Curve® is safety. Self-Quarantine® is fair.


Since the advent and spread of COVID-19, we’ve been presented with “new and improved” Orwellian terminology every week. Designations such as “flatten the curve“, “community spread”, “social distancing” and, even, “density mitigation” have become part of our collective vocabulary.  And just as new forms of thought control were introduced by the globalists via Political Correctness, so, too, have terms like “social distancing”, “sheltering in place”, and “self-quarantine” launched virtue signaling to entirely new levels.  It has been stunning to watch.

And what is even more amazing is the sheer power of electronic media’s imprint upon the collective psyche.  Six feet of separation or six degrees of Kevin Bacon? Because five is not enough and seven is overkill, right?

It appears the same organizations that brought us the Magic Bullet Theory®, 911®, the Patriot Act®, Weapons of Mass Destruction®, and Shock and Awe®,  have, once again, delivered another grand coup de graceto the nation.   This time, however, a large percentage of the Alternative Internet has (generally) accepted the premises of the Powers That Be; to wit, the presumptions regarding The Kung Flu’s infectivity and mortality rates.  Perhaps this was because of a readiness to acknowledge the inevitability of prophesied plagues, societal Fourth Turnings, and/or secret bioweapon programs. Or maybe because COVID-19 actually IS a bona-fide plague of Biblical proportions, a catalyst of Strauss & Howe’s “Winter” season, and the common cold souped-up with a dash of AIDS.

But whether real or hyped, it does appear Coronavirus® was a PLANdemic from the start; if only for the reasons as described in my previous articles entitled:  “Six Reasons Why Covid-19 Fails The Sniff Test”   and “They Should Have Called it CONTROLavirus”.

Go ahead and call me a conspiracy theorist.  You wouldn’t be the first one. In fact, recently, when I posited the theory of Kung Flu as a cover story for the controlled demolition of the Everything Bubble, a woman I was speaking with exclaimed (in no uncertain terms) that our leaders “would never do such a thing!”

I asked her if she knew that the real rulers of the world were Luciferian murderers and pedophiles whose ultimate goals were to depopulate the earth and achieve immortality through technology.

She had no idea.

In any event, it’s not hard to imagine how it might have transpired:

CONTROLLER # 1: “Hey listen up everybody. Upstairs Downstairs needs plan. We need a catalyst that will simultaneously crash the economy…, make paper cash seem dirty…, and provide a means for authorities to override the U.S. Constitution…. , but all with the support of the American public. The plan must also cause people to isolate themselves from each other as society breaks down. In other words, we can’t have large groups of people congregating in the public square, in churches, meeting halls, schools, or college campuses.

CONTROLLER # 666: (from way of the back of the room): “I know! How about a virus?”

CONTROLLER # 1: “A what? What did you say?”

CONTROLLER # 666: “A VIRUS! A pandemic”

CONTROLLER # 1 (amidst excited murmurs throughout the room): “Ah, yes! A VIRUS! Puuuurfect….. a PLANdemic , if you will…”

(Laughter erupts)

THE GROUP: “Bwwwaaaahaaahaaahaa….”

And we’re supposed to believe our globalist benefactors care about old people dying?  Honestly, it’s laughable.

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