The Media Can’t Handle Trump’s Rising Approval Numbers, So They Want To Hide His Daily Briefings

The Media Can’t Handle Trump’s Rising Approval Numbers, So They Want To Hide His Daily Briefings by Conservative Resurgence

On Thursday, White House Trade Advisor Peter Navarro appeared on CNN. Hosting the show was Brianna Keilar.

As the clip begins, Navarro is saying,”We all, as a country, got dealt a bad hand by China.”

It takes a second for Keilar to absorb Navarro’s comment. Then, she puts her hand up and tells him, “Uh, Peter, that is just a waste of time to say that. I’m gonna leave it there. Peter Navarro.”

Navarro is gobsmacked. He interrupts, “No, hang on, wait a minute. Why is that a waste of time to say that?”

Keilar ignores him. “We’re just trying to get our hands around it. No. Peter Navarro. That’s it. We’re out of time. We’re out of time. And that’s just, that’s ridiculous. Peter Navarro. Thank you so much.”

As she continues speaking, Navarro says, “Good to talk to you. I’ll come back anytime.”

Keilar did not even try to be subtle. This exchange belongs in a textbook about media bias. When a “journalist” refuses to even listen to an opinion they disagree with, it can no longer be called journalism.

She declared her guest’s comment to be “just a waste of time” and “just ridiculous.”

Keilar deserves to be fired. Instead, CNN will probably give her a raise and a bonus. CNN posted the exchange on their website with the headline, “Keilar to Peter Navarro: You are wasting everyone’s time.” It’s as if the network is proud of this “loyal” behavior.

Partial Transcript: (via The Blaze)

Video Source

Keilar: “Peter, in fairness, the government was clearly ill-prepared for this, this is not something that, you know, viruses happen, and how awful they are, but they are things that happen, your government knew in the summer when it did a drill that this, if this happened, this would be a problem, and there was a lack of preparation, which is why we have you on to talk about the supply chain.”

Navarro: “Sure, and may I comment on that?”

Keilar: “Right now. It looks like the capacity for the U.S. is gonna be about 200,000 ventilators and what experts are saying is there could be a million needed, so are you going to be able to meet that demand?”

Navarro: “So first of all.”

Keilar: “And is the president aware that relaxing restrictive measures is gonna mean that you need more than that?”

Navarro: “Let me, let me bring you up on the history here of what we inherited. In ’09 when the Biden, Obama administration had the H1N1 flu crisis, that should have been a wake-up call.”

Keilar: “Peter, why are you wasting your time on this and not solving the problem that you have? Peter, why are you even talking about this?”

Navarro: “You made the claim that this administration was ill-prepared.”

Keilar: “I did not!”

Navarro: “Run the tape, I just heard that!”

Keilar: “I mean, that is a fact, Peter. That is a fact!”

Navarro: “Why do I respond to you and you keep interrupting me?”

Keilar: “You’re wasting everyone’s time with this. It’s 2020. The president was elected in 2016. Can you get to a million ventilators?”

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