Global COVID-19 Death Toll Tops 30k; Trump Weighs “Enforceable” Quarantine Order For Conn., NY & NJ: Live Updates

Global COVID-19 Death Toll Tops 30k; Trump Weighs “Enforceable” Quarantine Order For Conn., NY & NJ: Live Updates from Zero Hedge


  • Global case total tops 600k
  • Global COVID-19 death toll tops 30k
  • Japan fast-tracks approval of treatment drug for COVID-19
  • Third UK minister self-quarantines after showing symptoms of virus
  • Calif. death toll tops 100
  • Trump weighing enforceable quarantine order for all of greater NY area
  • Trump tells NBC reporter that quarantines of New York, NJ & Conn. were “possible”
  • Axios reports infant dies in Chicago after testing positive for COVID-19
  • Italy case total surpasses China
  • Spain reports deadliest day yet
  • UK case total climbs north of 17k
  • France reports another 5k cases
  • Navy hospital ships leave for New York, LA
  • Abe says he’s “just barely avoiding” declaring a national emergency
  • Yale University slammed for denying aid to city of New Haven
  • Shinzo Abe promises unprecedented stimulus package
  • Trump gives Pentagon power to call up retired soldiers and reservists
  • NYPD detective dies from COVID-19
  • Italian centennarian survives battle with COVID-19

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Update (1700ET):Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom just announced that California’s death toll from COVID-19 has topped 100, with 101 deaths statewide.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, Axios reports that an infant less than 1 year old has died of COVID-19 in the city. After state officials in California denied reports earlier in the week about an infant reportedly passing away in LA County after testing positive for the virus, this would be the first confirmed infant death in the US…if it’s confirmed, that is.

Most recorded cases in Illinois have been found in the Chicago area and surrounding counties. The state health department has reported 3,491 COVID-19 cases as of Saturday, including 47 deaths.

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Update (1624ET): COVID-19 has killed more than 30,000 human beings around the world.

It looks like those last 300+ deaths out of France pushed it over the top.

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