Most Americans Are Totally Unprepared To Handle The Truth About Covid-19

Most Americans Are Totally Unprepared To Handle The Truth About Covid-19 By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline

Rapidly Mutating Virus & Huge Numbers Of ‘Re-Infections’ Suggest Something Incredibly Sinister Going On: LA Mayor Warns Of ‘Mass Death’ As US Senator Warns Of ‘A Reckoning’ Ahead

In the day and age of airborne coronavirus, a virus that can live on surfaces for up to 17 days and be passed on by asymptomatic carriers of the virus to others, several stories that have been published over the last few days alone lead us to ask, do many Americans and people all across the world have a death wish, are they simply not paying attention or is something much more sinister at play, such as, this virus being intentionally spread as Mike Adams argued in both this March 12th and this March 25th Natural News stories?

Although we totally understand that even under ‘lockdown’, as long as that isn’t a required, medical quarantine of an already infected person, people absolutely need to get out of the house, get to the grocery store, take a walk in the park and definitely find ways to enjoy themselves, stories out recently of people having ‘coronavirus parties’ while Kaiser Permanente theatens to fire nurses simply for wearing N95 masks while treating coronavirus patients has to make one ask “what’s really going on here?”

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While over a 158 million Americans are now on some sort of lockdown, with over 1/3 of the entire world’s population also locked down or under quarantine, and mass gatherings banned practically everywhere, this recent story over at the Daily Mail reporting a group of people in Kentucky decided to ‘flout social distancing guidelines’ and hold a ‘coronavirus party’ helps to illustrate our point and not surprisingly, 39 people were infected by one guest there. So how many more people in America will be infected by a deadly virus simply because they are not following common sense at a time when that deadly and ‘novel’ virus is rapidly spreading worldwide?

I recently spoke to a well-trusted friend who works in a hospital in a more rural area who tells me that infections there are more than doubling every day, much more than the doubling of infections every 3 to 6 days that we were originally told. And with the ability of this virus  to spread rapidly and stealthily among a population, is it really wise for anyone in 2020 to be gathering in large rooms together, recirculating the same air and possibly swapping bodily fluids while practicing no ‘social distancing’ at all?

With what’s being called ‘Party Zero’ now being blamed for the spread of the virus all across America and the world after a 40th birthday party in Connecticut turned into a massive ‘super spreader’ event with at least half of the 50 attending guests now testing positive for coronavirus, and now that one person who attended a ‘coronavirus party’ to ‘flout social distancing guidelines’ in Kentucky being blamed for infecting 39 others, we also see in another new story over at the Daily Mail reporting upon the all-time record high American unemployment while featuring the photo below showing Americans lining up at an unemployment center in Las Vegas, Nevada, many standing shoulder to shoulder. Are people simply not paying attention to what is unfolding?

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With America having overtaken China, Italy, Spain and the rest of the world in the numbers of ‘coronavirus infected’ and most likely the numbers of dead as well in the near future, Mike Adams recently made a stunning point in this story over at Natural News; it sure seems like ‘someone’ wants it to spread!

And with the US military recently confirming it’s coronavirus 1st case INSIDE of the Pentagon coming at a time when scientists in Iceland have identified 40 different coronavirus mutations, are these multiple strains of a killer virus more evidence America and the ‘Western world’ are under a full-scale bioweapons as Steve Quayle warned while linking to this RT story?

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Of important note, Steve had warned us earlier in March of numerous mutations of this virus making it very difficult to nail down and causing so many infected yet recovered people to be re-infected and now we learn that according to doctors in China, 14% of those who became infected yet recovered became sick with the virus again, leading us once to doubt any ‘official numbers’ coming out of China of those who’ve ‘recovered’ or ‘official numbers’ coming out of the CDC for that matter with such a high re-infection rate in China.

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