Time Has Come to Remove the Chinese Regime (Video)

Time Has Come to Remove the Chinese Regime Video by The Epoch Times

It’s always been a mystery as to why America dealt with the Soviet Union as an evil communist regime, but treated China as a mild one that could be bought with money.

We thought we were rich enough, powerful enough, and attractive enough to change China into a normal society such as one in the free world. Instead, the business and investment from the United States have made the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) stronger. The CCP is like a cancer that sucks nutrition from a healthy organ to become a bigger threat to the whole body.

The spread of the CCP virus around the world shows us how dangerous the CCP is. It is contagious. It is invisible. It is deadly. It is a threat to everyone on this planet.

When The Epoch Times published the editorial series, “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party,” which lays bare the history of the CCP, readers wrote to us asking, “Where was The New York Times when this was happening?”

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When the Great Leap Forward happened and millions were killed, we thought it was a China issue.
When the Great Famine happened and 40 million people starved to death, it was a remote problem.
When the Tiananmen Square massacre happened, we continued to do business with the CCP.

When the persecution of the spiritual practice Falun Gong happened, we tried to please the CCP by looking away.

In some ways, the CCP has changed. It actually has grown. It has slicker packaging and understands the West better—so it can do a better job of taking advantage of the West.

Its propaganda always uses the United States as a negative example, telling the Chinese people that the CCP is better.

In many ways, the CCP has never changed—its nature has never changed.

During the Great Famine, CCP officials blockaded many villages, not allowing people to go out to beg for food. It was more important to the CCP to hide the truth.

Sixty years later, when the coronavirus spread, some villages were sealed off, some homes were locked from the outside. Some children starved to death.

The CCP says there have been 3,259 deaths from the virus, but this doesn’t match what we have seen happening in China.

We know cremation centers in Wuhan were operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Outside some villages, bodies were burned in open-air pits.

Forty mobile furnaces were shipped to Wuhan. Per day, each one can burn five tons of “medical waste and dead animal bodies” (animal bodies or human bodies?).

Insiders say the death toll from the CCP virus has surpassed 1 million. We have no way to prove or disprove that number. Recent reports of the remaining number of cellphone users in China suggest the number of deaths may be far higher than previously suggested.

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