The World Has Gone Mad Over Money (Video)

The World Has Gone Mad Over Money Video by Silver Report

This is an emotional subject for me not because I’m surprised, but the fact that so many are parroting this narrative that the loss of the “vulnerable” is insignificant compared to money. Dan Patrick the Lt. Governor of Texas took to Fox News to explain why He believes it’s better to reopen the economy than to save the elderly.

He brought up a touching story about how he loves his grandchildren and what seemed like an appeal to the elderly to sacrifice themselves in exchange for His businesses and the businessmen He said He has been talking to every day. There is right and wrong, Good and evil. Money is nothing compared to human life and a country that will put profits ahead of it’s citizens should not expect things to go well for them. There comes a point when you have to say this is wrong.

The entire Idea is wrong and it has been a growing trend which leads me to believe they want us to accept this. Even Jim Cramer came out to share the same message. It is “their” message and one that no other country has taken it almost guarantees that the US is destined for very bad news. I mention this a couple weeks ago when this narrative began and now I have heard it from Kudlow Trump and Now Patrick. But this is the main talking point now of all their minions who are afraid to think for themselves. These are people and I find it hard not to speak about this horrible trade of People’s lives for stock market riches. This is no longer indirect but it is very direct what their intentions are.

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