‘What the Hell?’: Mysterious Red Orbs Reappear in US Sky in Triangular Formation – Video

‘What the Hell?’: Mysterious Red Orbs Reappear in US Sky in Triangular Formation – Video from Sputnik News

Suspicions about possible UFO sightings around the US are beginning to grow after yet another video was recorded, capturing a trio of red orbs traveling in formation, stopping and changing direction in the night sky.

YouTuber Denspion advanced recent UFO speculation after uploading cellphone footage which showed three mysterious, red orbs hovering in the distance in Burien, Washington, on March 20.

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“I’ve never seen lights like that before,” Denspion is overheard saying on the recording.

“They’re stopping. Those aren’t planes,” he contends. “What the hell?”

Throughout the nearly four-minute clip, the YouTuber asserts that this cannot simply be an airplane because the red orbs seen in the sky actually appear to stop and even change their direction of travel, switching up their formation.

Around the 3:08 timestamp, Denspion calls attention to a plane, which is seen flashing a light as it coasts through the air, unlike the red orbs seen above.

The recording of this video came only three days after a pod of red lights were seen moving together as a unit through the El Paso, Texas, night sky on March 17 by YouTube user Mario Rios.

Like the March 17 video, Denspion’s recording was picked up by the conspiracy theory-focused YouTube page The Hidden Underbelly 2.0, and users commented that they had observed similar sights.

Commenting under The Hidden Underbelly 2.0’s reporting on the video, Scott Toseland claimed that people can view similar red orbs “all the time” from the Ruston Way neighborhood in Tacoma, Washington. “They hang in the sky for hours,” he claimed.

Without describing his location, Lee Wood commented that orbs that glow red and sometimes white have been “seen everywhere” lately. Furthermore, he noted, “most of the time there are 3 of them.”

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“Being near an airport I would normally say that these would be aircraft landing lights on approach. But this is not that case,” YouTuber Dot to Dot said. “The movement of both speed [and] trajectory doesn’t line up with commercial aircraft.”

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