The Democrat Party’s Approach to Wuhan Chinese Coronavirus – Wokeness Above All

The Democrat Party’s Approach to Wuhan Chinese Coronavirus – Wokeness Above Alll by Rory for The Daily Coin

In the video below, beginning at the 15:38 mark, Tucker Carlson explains in simple detail how disgusting the democrats have become. While the democrat party never actually embraced the ideals of President John F. Kennedy the American people always held out hope the words of Kennedy would materialize in the real world. Sadly we now see what 50 years of liberal lies, progressive piety and lobbyist swine have done since Kennedy was gunned down by the deep state he swore to dismantle.

Speaker Pelosi and her side-kick fellow satanic globalist, Schumer are currently holding the American people hostage as our economy falls off a cliff, the American economy is put on hold and, most importantly, the American people are being crushed by the very people they trusted to help them when there was a national crisis. I have studied the economy for the past ten years and understand perfectly what is happening and how it happened. That doesn’t change the fact of what this filth is attempting to do to our country. These people are beyond evil. It’s fitting that Pelosi called on the head of the satanic globalist, the pope-on-dope, during her address before the people.

It just makes me want to puke. I pray that you get involved, take up your blanket and walk. Stop being a victim, stop being a nobody doing nothing. Be somebody, standup – email, make calls or run for office yourself. Be the change – do something, anything, just do something that makes a difference and insures people like Pelosi and Schumer never, ever have a seat at the table again.

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