President Trump Would Like to See the Country Re-open by Easter

President Trump Would Like to See the Country Re-open by Easter from Zero Hedge


  • US reports more than 10k new cases in largest daily jump yet
  • Number of new coronavirus cases confirmed over last 2 days largest yet
  • NY Gov Cuomo says cases in his state doubling every 3 days
  • Pentagon says 174 servicemembers have coronavirus
  • Alaska orders visitors to quarantine
  • UK reports another jump in cases
  • US records more than 100 deaths in a day
  • India PM Modi announces 21-day nationwide lockdown that will be largest world has ever seen
  • Pelosi says ‘real optimism’ Congress could reach stimulus bill deal in the next few hours
  • Global case total nears 400k
  • PM Abe, IOC agree to delay Tokyo Games 1 year, Paralympics still set to take place this summer
  • India expands lockdown
  • Italian designers making coronavirus face masks
  • Pakistan deploys army
  • Italy shuts down gas stations
  • Albania imposes 16-hour daily lockdown
  • Washington DC orders ‘non-essential’ businesses to close
  • Russia, Poland close more businesses, tighten restrictions
  • Myanmar, Laos confirm first cases
  • Dr. Birx says NY efforts will take 1-2 weeks to show progress
  • India bans export of ventilators
  • Trump to invoke DPA to produce 60k masks
  • G7 promises ‘whatever is necessary’ to save global economy
  • Thailand to declare state of emergency
  • Macau, Hong Kong tighten restrictions
  • Beijing lifts lockdowns on Hubei, Wuhan
  • Nearly half of UK watched Johnson’s Monday night address
  • Belgium reports 500+ new cases
  • European PMI offer first indicator of economic damage
  • German finance minister says more stimulus to come
  • Hawaii reports first death

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Update (1324ET): President Trump on Tuesday once again tried to deny that his administration dropped the ball on the coronavirus response, while saying he would like to see the country re-open by Easter.

Of course, the CDC’s botched handling of the tests has been well-documented, and the fact that nobody in the administration acting to overule the CDC and start stockpiling tests from elsewhere might be remembered as one of the administration’s biggest screwups in handling the crisis.

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Update (1305ET): As Pelosi and Schumer continue to battle Mnuchin over the oversight provisions of a sweeping $2.5 trillion emergency coronavirus stimulus package, the CDC and Italy’s Civil Protection Agency have released new officials.

According to the CDC, there are now 544 confirmed deaths in the US, up from 400. As far as total cases go, there were 44,232 in the US, compared with 33,455 the day before.

In Italy, the death toll jumped 743, according to the Civil Protection Agency, following earlier reports that cited a jump in Lombardia. That brought the Italian case total to 6,820, the second deadliest day on record.

Italy’s case total, meanwhile jumped to 69,176, compared with 63,924 yesterday.

So much for that ‘plateau’ in new cases and deaths…

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