Operation Virtual Dictatorship

Operation Virtual Dictatorship by globalintelhub via Zero Hedge

If you had told me 30 days ago, that 90% of the population was ordered to stay in their homes, begging for martial law – I would have told you it’s impossible.

Fast forward to today, when there is talk of cancelling physical elections, a ramp up in internet ‘control’ including a Soros funded $1 Billion plan to ‘reeducate people.’  Well, now that we are all virtual prisoners, we can only believe what we see on the screen – with no accountability.

Let’s take the example of the elections, something now everyone is passionate about since 2016.  Trump’s only shot at re-election is a complete halt to the spread of COVID-19 and V shaped recovery in the stock market – and it doesn’t look like those 2 things are possible.  Anyway, Democrats have rallied behind corrupt pedophile partisan creepy Joe Biden as their candidate.  All respect to the guy, he’s old and has major dementia.  So there’s no campaigning, only what we see on the screen.

As Lenin said and wrote in the Soviet operations manual – in politics if you are accused of something, immediately accuse your opponent of the same.  We see Democrats doing this just as Lenin said.  Hillary Clinton was involved in a corrupt pay to play Uranium One scandal, involving Russia’s biggest energy companies controlled by the government (which is basically 1 person – Putin).

The maker of the electronic voting system we’ll likely use has been tested in the Democratic primaries, and produced bad results for Bernie and inflated the results of establishment candidates.  The name of this system is called “Shadow.”  (The deep state was previously called ‘Shadow Government’ because they are unelected and operate under classified secrecy.)

Who does the shadow government answer to?  Not Trump, that’s for sure.  The Democrats and Republicans (not including Trump) such as Bill Clinton, both George Bush, Barack “Hussein” Obama (aka Barry Soetoro), and all other Presidents, Congressman, with rare exceptions such as Donald Trump, Ron Paul, and a few others – have completely sold out our country to the highest bidder.  It’s not a conspiracy theory.  The word conspiracy theory was invented by the CIA to discredit factual alternatives to JFK’s murder.

The Constitutional United States ceased to exist on November 22, 1963 when a military coup was staged against legitimately elected JFK.  Who pulled the trigger is not really the point it was organized by JFK’s enemies who included some of the most powerful organizations in the world, including the CIA.  Around this time the CIA implemented plans such as Project Mockingbird, whereby mainstream media like CNN, ABC, NBC and others have CIA-trained operatives in the editorial department who approve all news before it gets aired.  In addition to that, they create daily ‘talking points’ which the reporters parrot over and over, like mockingbirds.  This is still in operation today, led by the most prominent mockingbird Anderson Cooper, son of elite Vanderbilt oligarchs.

The Democrats accused Trump of receiving help from Russia in the 2016 election as well as being “Putin’s puppet” because that’s exactly what Hillary Clinton was.  If you don’t believe it google about Uranium One and how it violated US Nuclear Control policies, in order to enrich themselves at the cost of national security.

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