This Is Why We Question Coronavirus and China

This Is Why We Question Coronavirus and China by Rory for The Daily Coin

When a nation, any nation, begins to quarantine their citizens the rest of the world rightfully takes notice. When it’s 11 million people, the rest of the world looks twice. When the number of people under quarantine jumps to 56 million on it’s way to 760 million, well, the whole world holds it’s collective breathe and wonders what exactly is going on.

China did exactly this. The whole time China was telling the world, “it’s just a cold”, it’s just the flu nothing to be concerned about. Well, anyone with a brain looks at this situation and ask – when was the last time 760 million people were quarantined because of the flu or a cold? Never. hmmmm…you don’t say. When was the last time countries began closing their borders, cancelling airline flights in and out of regions because of a cold?

We have known for the past two months China has lied about this situation and they are continuing to lie. This is why when another nugget of information that is difficult to “adjust” or fake or otherwise lie about surfaces we begin asking questions.

8.1 million would be just north of 1% of the total 760 million that were on quarantine. It doesn’t even make sense in comparison to the number of reported cases of Wuhan Coronavirus China continually talks about in the media. We know the number of reported cases is far higher than the “official” numbers but could the reality be 100-120 million cases? If that’s the real number it would fit with what we are seeing in Italy, which is north of 7% mortality rate.

Now we learn Italy’s mortality rate is climbing from the past few days – everything in Italy is accelerating. The tweet below came in just after the publication of this article. The 7+% that was reported in the line above was the figure from 2 days ago. The situation in Italy is, obviously, extremely fluid

Where did they go? Where are those mobile phone users? It seems someone would have noticed an additional 8 million users on their network. They sure noticed the lose of 8 million users and didn’t mind reporting it.

When deep state, neocon John Bolton begins making statements about China lying it’s time to pay attention. Maybe he just sees an opportunity to bomb another nation for something, anything, just bomb somebody!!

The thing is, everything he says is proven – look up any line item the mustache pronounces.

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