Panic Buying Is NOT Why The Shelves Are Empty! (Video)

Panic Buying Is NOT Why The Shelves Are Empty! Video by Silver Report

Panic buying is not why the shelves are empty. For weeks we have been seeing the shelves look like this at Walmarts around the US. That’s the first point it has been weeks since they stocked toilet paper and now when I go to the store the shelves are empty Everywhere. I know there has been a lot of craziness lately but the supply chain disruptions seem to be on purpose. A store where one of my family worked recently canceled the fresh food order after they began rationing The parent company of safeway is the one who began rationing the fresh food orders by 1/3 This was not Safeway but Kitchen and company in Rehoboth DE. The store is closed now as it was deemed non-essential though it did carry a lot of food. I have come to BELIEVE that the shelves are empty on purpose because maybe someone wants this. And that is just the beginning

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