Outsourcing / Offshoring America’s Medications “They Did It and It Was A Crime”

Outsourcing / Offshoring America’s Medications “They Did It and It Was A Crime” by Rory for The Daily Coin

If you ever question wether Tucker Carlson is, like President Trump, looking out for your best interest simply cue up this video and give it good listen. Not only does Mr Carlson tell the world these satanic globalist have committed crimes against humanity he tells them right to their face. Tucker Carlson is unashamed to speak truth directly to power. Tucker can’t call them “satanic globalist” on national TV, but he can say they have committed crimes against the American people. We at The Daily Coin let our feelings and thoughts be known by simply addressing these parasites as satanic globalist. That’s who and what they are – they hate you, they hate your family and want you dead. But first they want you to work for them and generate mountains of wealth for them and their family.

4.8 Million Hospital Admissions / 1.9 Million ICU Admissions? COVID-19 / Coronavirus in America

The outsourcing / offshoring of our manufacturing base is now becoming the massive problem that it always was. In the face of the Wuhan Chinese coronavirus pandemic China has threatened to withhold medications from the U.S. if we don’t bow down before them and stop blaming them for the pandemic they caused. The entire world can see it. We in America can not only see it, we will come to understand the true danger within the next few weeks. If you think the grocery store running out of toilet paper is bad what will happen if the pharmacy runs out of life saving medications that are manufactured in China?

When your diabetes meds run out, when the meds you take for high blood pressure, anxiety and the penicillin needed to help with the deep cut you just suffered while chopping a potato for supper. If this works out the way it appears these meds, along with a great many more, will become scarce. You can thank our overlords at the very tip-top of the wealth food chain – they knowingly did this and it is a crime against humanity.

Rigged: Exposing the Largest Financial Fraud in History – Stuart Englert

According to Tucker Carlson some 95+% of all generic drugs available in America have at least one critical part manufactured in China. China is currently, like America and a great many other places around the world, is on lockdown due to the Wuhan Chinese coronavirus. Not only does China manufacture most of our meds, they manufacture medical equipment, clothes/shoes and a host of other items that are vital to the operation and well being of our nation. As stated, this is a crime against humanity. If you don’t think clothes and shoes are a big deal…well, think it through.

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