5 Ways You Can Help Your Fellow Human During The Coronavirus Madness

5 Ways You Can Help Your Fellow Human During The Coronavirus Madness by Matt Agorist for The Free Thought Project

On Monday, the Federal government implemented sweeping recommendations, bans, and of course, bailouts for the rich. State and local governments then quickly followed suit and began to shut down restaurants, bars, gyms, churches, and other areas in which larger groups gather. Primary elections are being suspended, millions of people are locked down, and curfews and police state actions are getting closer on the horizon.

Social distancing is undoubtedly the best way to stop the spread of this disease and most experts — not talking about the mainstream media — are recommending we do this, or things will get really bad: as in millions dead in America alone.

Make no mistake, things will get much worse before they start to get better. But it is not all doom and gloom. There are things you can do in your local community and around the world to help those affected by these dark times..

Help those affected by the recent closures

Monday marked a day in this country which has never happened. From coast to coast millions of workers simultaneously found out that they will not have jobs the next day. The impact was so large that it overwhelmed unemployment websites, causing them to crash. The coronavirus measures could impact these people in extreme ways and for months to come.

Some dine-in restaurants are allowed to stay open during these times to serve take-out meals. If you are still able to freely travel in your town, you should consider visiting some of these places if you can afford it and tipping well as the $2.13 an hour wage is not sustainable.

If you know others affected by this shutdown, consider helping them out with food or donations or work, if you have it. Another way to help is to buy gift cards to your favorite local restaurants, stores, from your hair stylist and local spa. The business will get the money today, but you can use it later. Pay in cash, if possible, to avoid further lag time.

If you are one of the folks affected by these closures, check your state’s guidelines as some of them are already rolling out measures to support you.

Also, it is estimated that roughly 40 percent of the medical workforce is affected by the closure of schools. If you can watch a healthcare worker’s child so they can get back to helping countless other sick people, this effort will prove to make a massive difference.

Run errands for those who cannot leave their homes

As the virus continues to spread, there will be more and more people who are quarantined in their homes. The panic from self-quarantine has already caused runs on grocery stores as well as the idiotic hoarding of toilet paper. Many of these folks who are now quarantined may not have had time to get supplies before they were unable to leave their homes. You can help them.

Kelly Arsenault, in Knoxville, TN is providing an inspiring example of how this can look in your community. She started a “Kindness Committee” to help those who cannot leave their homes.

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