How Will Precious Metals Dealers Handle These Low Levels?

How Will Precious Metals Dealers Handle These Low Levels? by Rory for The Daily Coin

With the precious metals getting crushed and supplies being drained how are the bullion dealers going to deal with this new reality?

It would be awesome to see an actual market where price discovery is based on fundamentals like supply and demand instead of wether JPMorgan has vault with 160,000,000 ounces of silver and 30,000 contracts to put the price where it suits them.

Let’s not forget that metals pricing should be headed north, not south, with the announcement of QEnifity and ZIRP on Sunday. We should be looking $2,000 – $2,500 gold instead of $1,400 gold and $100 to $150 silver instead of $10 silver.

Will precious metals dealers use this opportunity to take control of the market? Will the miners use this opportunity to stand up to the COMEX and the satanic banking cabal that has run the markets into the ground? Will the people that have the power, the real power, the bullion dealers and miners, push back, stand up and take charge?

If you visit eBay you can see what’s happening in the market place – prices that I’ve not seen in several years for metals. They are so high over spot I have been considering making a move with some product that I have earmarked already. This could be an opportune time to convert some generic rounds into fiat and acquire something useful.

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