Fed Just Announced Lowering Interest Rates to between ZERO and 0.25%

Fed Just Announced Lowering Interest Rates to between ZERO and 0.25% by Rory for The Daily Coin

This blows out the prediction I made back in October 2019 on The Gadfly where I said the Fed would drop a full point by the end of the first quarter of 2020 – right on time, the Fed drops it by more than 1.25 points. Bringing the total cut in rates since October by close to 2%, not the 1% I had predicted.

The Fed previously lowered the benchmark rate March 3 by 50 basis points.

President Trump has been pushing for Fed Chair Jerome Powell to drop rates to zero or below zero, saying he is “not happy with the Fed.”

“He has, so far, made a lot of bad decisions, in my opinion,” Trump said. Source

According the Fox News the Federal Reserve has just announced they will be lowering Fed Fund Interest Rates to Zero to 0.25% – that’s right ZIRP has arrived. More wealth transfer in the making. The wealthy are making their last stand to steal everything you own and they are going to get it.

Can’t forget the massive $700 BILLION Monthly QEnifity a combination of acquiring $500 BILLION monetized debt / buying US Treasuries and $200 BILLION in Mortgage Backed Securities – The Federal Reserve will not stop until they own every single house in the U.S. – if you still think you own you house stop paying property taxes and let me know what happens.

More to come as this was just announced, wanted to let you know as soon as possible.

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