Water Fall!! $60 Crash in Gold and $1 in Silver

Water Fall!! $60 Crash in Gold and $1 in Silver by Rory for The Daily Coin

TDC Note – Did I say $60 drop? No – I meant $74+ drop!! WOW! These guys are serious!


WOW! Now that’s impressive! When you can rig a chart to be that stinking ugly in light of what is happening – AROUND THE WORLD – that is a master stroke of brilliance. Do these guys know what they’re doing or what!?!?!

With global markets coming unglued, a virus doing what it does – going viral – and people nervous hiding in their homes, gold and silver should be flying to the moon right now. There’s only one problem – satanic globalist that own the buttons and levers that create the so-called “price” of the precious metals.

Bullion futures for April slumped as much as 3.5% to $1,585.40 an ounce at 9:48 a.m. on the Comex in New York.

Market-wide circuit breakers that already tripped once this week were triggered again as selling in the S&P 500 dragged stocks into an intraday bear market. Source

The static charts below are courtesy of KitCo. I like this particular chart, even though it’s not a true bid/ask chart, because you can see the past 72 hours. You can see what has happened in a narrow window providing a little better insight of where we were and where we are currently. Where we are currently is in a big pile of rigged mud.

The good news is, gold is still pretty high, unless these satanic globalist take another $50+ off from here, which they could, then gold is still in good shape. Gold is going higher and if think today is a good day to add to your stack you may be onto something. If you think it’s going lower, well, keep some of your powder dry and hold on. Can it go lower? Silver could easily go far lower with JP Morgan having a brand new down-side cannon that is fully loaded, silver could easily drop to whatever position they see fit.

Gold is a little more a challenge to push around, not saying the button pushers and lever pullers can’t achieve the goal they set, just saying there could be more people around the world crying foul – or ready to BTFD.

The next 2-3 weeks will be interesting as the Wuhan virus runs it’s course here in the U.S.. The impact on the economy, while short lived, may be enough to throw a monkey wrench into the whole thing. Wouldn’t it be cool if the satanic globalist could use the Wuhan virus as cover to escape a reset without a drop of blood on their hands? Wouldn’t it be cool the satanic globalist had a scapegoat – a ghost really – that could take the blame for everything while they walk away laughing at the volume of wealth they were able to pick up on a scare tactic?

We’re stacking in light of the bloodbath we see today. Gold is looking awesome for another coin or two to find its way into the vault!!

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