Protect Your Portfolio From Unforeseen Risk

Protect Your Portfolio From Unforeseen Risk By  for Casey Research

Editor’s note: As taught by our founder Doug Casey, we value calm, clear, rational thinking at Casey Research… we prefer to prepare before a crisis so we can sleep at night… and we avoid getting caught up in hysteria and panic.

With the market dropping like a stone… the Volatility Index wildly high at 58… trading being halted… so-called experts calling for more rate cuts, more stimulus packages, etc… No one seems to realize that nothing goes up in a straight line. And more than that, it’s unhealthy to expect it.

Now more than ever, it’s crucial for investors to remember one of Doug’s best lessons: Protecting your money is half the battle in wealth-building.

So today, we’re introducing a series from long-time Casey Research analyst Andrey Dashkov. He’ll give his best ways to weather volatility… share the vital information and knowledge he’s gained from unique life experiences… and dust off one of our best resources: the “Ultimate Crisis Playbook”…

By Andrey Dashkov, analyst, Casey Research

As I sat down to write my first report for Casey Research – barely a year after I was hired, in 2007 – I had high hopes for what the future held.

But it was probably the worst time to get into the investment industry.

There was blood on Wall Street. Thousands were fired as “invincible” institutions crashed and burned. Analysts and bankers were laid off in droves. Investment bankers were jumping off ledges.

Lehman Brothers collapsed. Markets crashed globally. New York, London, Hong Kong… There was no safe haven for a budding analyst like me.

But it turns out, this timing taught me the most important investing lessons of my career…

Behind the Scenes at Casey Research

My name is Andrey Dashkov.

I‘ve worked behind the scenes at Casey Research for 10 years. I’m a chartered financial analyst (CFA) from Belarus (now a Canadian citizen living in Vancouver), and I’ve learned from the best. Incredible investing minds like Nick Giambruno… Louis James… and Doug Casey have helped shape my writing and thinking.

Now I’m here to tell you how to protect your wealth… so you can take advantage of the best off-the-radar opportunities I can provide.

I want to make sure you have the best knowledge – and access to information I’ve worked on cultivating for years – so you can do well in the current market climate.

Why do I care?

Because I’ve lived through the collapse of a country (more on that tomorrow). I’ve survived panics, political crises, attempted revolutions, food rationing. I want to share the lessons I’ve learned from my experiences. And all these events taught me things no textbook could…

Opportunities Lurk Everywhere

Here’s the good news: There are more investment opportunities available now than when I started. It’s not just stocks and bonds (or gold) anymore. There are thousands of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), derivatives, crypto – strategies that give you access to the same tools that the world’s best hedge fund managers use.

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