State Department’s Dream of Fighting Russia to the Last Turk Turns to Ashes in Moscow

State Department’s Dream of Fighting Russia to the Last Turk Turns to Ashes in Moscow by Marko Marjanović for Anti-Empire

A greater Russian-Turkish clash would have been a godsend for the Empire

The biggest loser of the Syria ceasefire agreed by Erdogan and Putin in Moscow Thursday has to be the hands-down most warlike and the most psychotic of all US government institutions — that fortress of bloodthirsty chickenhawk apparatchiks that is the State Department.

But hey let’s not be too harsh on them, at least this time the Russian-Turkish war they were hoping for would have objectively been great for the Empire if potentially ruinous for the planet.

First of all, if Erdogan waded deeper into Syria and deeper into conflict with Russia as they were encouraging him to do he would become much more reliant on US support. He would have to abandon his independent, disruptive style and turn into a Tony Blair.

The second benefit for the Empire would have been a weakened Russia. Sure enough in a Russian-Turkish clash of arms Russia with its bigger military establishment and a higher level of military technology would be poised to ultimately come on top. But not without costs and not without setbacks.

To begin with, for Russia Syria is on the other side of Turkey. Secondly, you can bet if the situation escalated the West — even without entering the war directly — would have found various ways to put its thumb on the scale for Turkey.

Even if Moscow prevailed in the end, it would have not happened without shocks and embarrassments along the way for Empire’s apparatchiks to cheer, and not without further Russian-Western economic decoupling, and a protracted Russian-Turkish cold war that followed.

With a great deal of Russian resources, attention and energies tied up in a cold war with an 80 million Turkey (Russia has 145 million) that would have left Russia with that much less for its other focuses abroad. With a determined enemy on its southern flank retrenchment might have looked the better option than further frustrating the Empire in Venezuela, Iran or North Korea.

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