Six Ways Why Coronavirus® Fails the Sniff Test

Six Ways Why Coronavirus® Fails the Sniff Test By Doug “Uncola” Lynn via

Only one form of contagion travels faster than a virus. And that’s fear.

― Dan Brown, Inferno


It appears reaction to Coronavirus® has wreaked more carnage globally than the virus itself. Although a 2-3% mortality rate is nothing to sneeze at, it’s not exactly a Biblical plague either; even if virtually none of it passes the sniff test.

Given how Coronavirus® has been reported, coupled with how it’s been handled, its dubious origins, the alleged number of infected and deceased, as well as the age and general health of those who are reported to have died….something stinks.

As I indicated in my last article, it seems Coronavirus® has, indeed, become the new Terrorism®.  The dark powers want the panic. They need the hysteria. Why? For diversion, control, or all the above.

There can be no doubt the mainstream media is NOT trying to downplay COVID-19. Just the opposite.  Except what makes this latest remarketing of coronavirus different than 911®, Weapons of Mass Destruction®, and The War on Terror®, is that, this time, the Alternative Internet is on board – even to the point of citing Orwellian Media sources.

In any event, healthy skepticism is not close-mindedness, per se, because we may one day have a genuine pandemic on our hands.  But Coronavirus® doesn’t present the way one would expect if real.  Instead, the hysteria has a sort of Y2K vibe to it all.

So I ask you, Dear Reader, what if all the numbers and the reporting regarding the contagiousness, infectivity, and mortality of Coronavirus® were completely erroneous? Or, worse…, complete bullsh*t like the Russian Dossier and the whistleblower behind Operation Ukrainian Impeachment.

What if the Chinese were punked?

What if every single human being on earth who has ever lived, has had coronaviruses in their system at one time or another and the math was exactly the same?

What if SARS and MERS were similar psyops played out…. when? During peak flu season.

Because, if all the fundamentals are wrong, then so will be the conclusions.

Let us count the ways Coronavirus® fails to pass the sniff test:

1.) The Hype

Again, this blogger’s speculation is that Coronavirus® is the remarketing of coronavirus via COVID-19®, and the selective reporting is the hype.  Because this urgency behind Coronavirus® in the news makes African AIDS look like the sniffles.

It also has become completely obvious that certain names/entities consistently appear in the COVID-19® coverage (in both the mainstream and alternative media): The Gates Foundation, John Hopkins University, and UK’s The Guardian.

From last fall:  Event 201, a pandemic exercise to illustrate preparedness efforts

The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. The exercise illustrated areas where public/private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a severe pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences.

(More on that in # 3 below)

And this from a few days ago:

Governments Will Use The Coronavirus Card To Downgrade Estimates And Increase Interventionism

The John Hopkins University Coronavirus Global Cases Monitor shows that the mortality rate of the epidemic is very low. At the close of this article, 87,470 cases, 2,990 deaths and 42,670 recovered.

It is normal for the media to focus on the first two figures, but I think it is important to remember the last one. The recovered figure is more than ten times the deceased one. This should not make the reader ignore the epidemic, but it is also worth reading the scientific study that shows that the death rate in citizens under 60 is less than 1.3%, 0.2% in young population, and on average it is a maximum of 4% (“The Epidemiological Characteristics of an Outbreak of 2019 Novel Coronavirus Diseases”, February 2020).

Additionally, the John Hopkins people have been incessantly interviewed throughout the cable news universe.

Now consider the timeline:  On Sunday, February 2, 2020, the first COVID-19 death outside of China was reported:

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