Is Gold Headed Back Below $1,600 and Silver To The $17.80 Neighborhood?

Is Gold Headed Back Below $1,600 and Silver To The $17.80 Neighborhood? by Rory for The Daily Coin

A few days back we penned 30,000 Contracts Multiplied by 5,000 Ounces Equals… while watching the action in the gold market and seeing the silver market go nowhere. Then all the truly bad news over this past weekend sent both precious metals markets soaring and the equities markets to the basement. We noted all this in the article we published Sunday night and then updated Monday morning – Gold / Silver / Equities / Energy Markets Are Beginning To See COVID-19 Is NOT “Just the Flu” We like asking questions especially concerning the metals markets.

In both of these articles, and a great many others, we have always kept the banking cabals propensity for nefarious activity at the forefront of our thinking. We kept in mind way back in December 2017 when we said gold and silver would begin their new rise to glory this year in 2020.

When we ask about the 30,000 contracts in that article mentioned above we did that for a reason. If someone has 150,000,000 ounces of silver to throw around do you think the silver market is going anywhere without their blessing? Well, if you do, good luck with that thought.

Now we see those same 30,000 contracts, now deployed, are being questioned, and brought to light, in a tweet that our buddy TF over at TFMetals Report, sent out earlier today. With the whole world  wondering if the global economy is on the verge of shutting down, at least for a short period, the precious metals should be shooting to the moon as they were doing Sunday night into early Monday afternoon. They should be, but have been reigned in by those satanic globalist known as the bullion banking cabal.

Well, well, well and what did TF have to say about these contracts hitting the charts? As TF says, wait until you see what happens when JPMorgans profits are threatened and they unleash those 150,000,000 ounces of silver once again. uh huh – we see you.

Those of us not married to silver will be making a hasty departure when the numbers are right. This game has become unmanageable and the “silver story” has zero value at this point. Gold still has a chance with it’s Tier 1 status but silver, not so much.

Just remember, folks, I have been in this just as long as most of you and far longer than some. I have been following TFMetals Repot since he was nothing more than someone making comments on ZeroHedge. I respect his analysis and all one has to do is look at these two tweets and it paints a picture that is really hard to question. The numbers add up, the chart movement tells the story and if you believe in reality, well, there it is slamming you in the face. 2+2 still equals 4 regardless of what Common Core says.

Don’t get me wrong, I will still be acquiring silver, on a very limited basis, and still discussing what is happening, but as far as seeing silver as something to protect my families wealth, that is out the window. You do what you wish, but we made our decision a few weeks ago when the silver story was shot dead during an interview by someone that we have followed for a number of years and that we highly respect.

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