The Nevada Debate was a total Disaster for Democrats & a wake-up call for the Country (Video)

The Nevada Debate was a total Disaster for Democrats & a wake-up call for the Country Video by Conservative Resurgence

To this point in the cycle, it’s been pretty cliche to pronounce Donald Trump the winner of each Democrat debate, and that’s not untrue. Most of them have been unappealing slap fests for who can be the most radical and promise the most free stuff.

But last night was different. It wasn’t just about a contrast with Trump on policy, it was a total disaster for the Democratic party as a whole. Each and every candidate came across as unlikeable (yes, even Amy Klobuchar, who had some seriously cringeworthy moments). They yelled, they bashed each other, they got exposed for their hypocrisies, and oh yeah, they were also awful on policy.

Take Elizabeth Warren. She certainly landed the most blows last night, essentially ending Michael Bloomberg’s campaign with two exchanges (see Elizabeth Warren Ends Michael Bloomberg’s Campaign at Nevada Debate).

Did any of this help Warren, though? I’d posit that it didn’t. In all her ruthless, obviously pre-rehearsed attacks, I’m fairly positive she got even more unlikable. The same is true of Pete Buttigieg, who tried to stay on offense all night but ended up looking petty and unfair most of the time. There was a point when he went after Klobuchar on voting for Trump judges and he just kept interrupting her over and over as she tried to explain. None of that plays well and I think it’s now fairly obvious why Buttigieg isn’t gaining national traction despite two 2nd places finishes to start the primary season.

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Joe Biden comes across as a stumbling (and it clearly has nothing to do with any stutter) old man who is way out of his league. His answer to everything is “I got it done” even though he was basically a figurehead in the Obama administration, there to give bad advice and read speeches when the President didn’t feel like getting out. The idea that Biden was the spearhead is laughable and it comes across as laughable when he tries to take credit for everything. Meanwhile, Amy Klobuchar is what she is. She’s the least crazy person on the stage but she’s also about as charismatic as a bag of rocks. She tries to dance the line between woke and rational and it doesn’t go well usually, as it leaves her open to attacks from both flanks. I don’t believe she’s going anywhere.

But then there were the real reasons this debate was just awful for Democrats going forward. Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg represented two contrasts that both ended in disaster. Bloomberg was absolutely wrecked on a variety of fronts. I just can’t imagine a path forward for him after that shellacking. He’s not Donald Trump. He doesn’t have that kind of magnetism and energy to overcome being brutalized. And while I felt he made some really good points in the second half of the debate, most Democrats won’t agree. His defenses of capitalism and smacking around of Bernie will probably hurt him, not help him.


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