“It’s Just A Cold – Nothing Really To Worry About” Said the “Authoritative Sources”

“It’s Just A Cold – Nothing Really To Worry About” Said the “Authoritative Sources” by Rory for The Daily Coin

Over the past month we have reported extensively on COVID-19 (coronavirus). We never once thought it was anything but a serious situation as some of the people that we once respected claimed it was something other than one of the most, if not the most, serious situation of our lifetime.

We first reported on coronavirus January 17, 2020 via an article penned by Michael Snyder The Mysterious New “SARS-Like Virus” That Is Killing People In China Has Now Spread To Japan. This was followed a few days later, January 21, by another Snyder article and in the mean time voices were beginning to rise, claiming “hoax” “nothing to worry about” “nothing more than the flu” and were laughing about people like myself and Snyder for ringing the alarm bell.

On January 27, we published This Is One Helluva Masquerade Party as we had already published several of these stories where people were ignoring the high level information like 56 million people quarantined – now 760 million more than 10x the original number in less a month. The day before on January 26 we published two different articles including Coronavirus: Fear Mongering Hoax or Real Deal?. We were blown away by the volume of information that had been flooding the airwaves the previous days wth a number of people saying prepare for Armageddon while others, as stated, were calling it hoax. Well, we now know it is anything but a hoax. Unfortunately, we now know it is deadly serious.

The “authoritative voices” were all lying then and they are lying today.

While I am here in middle Tennessee I have to tell you, I am very concerned for the safety of my family. The reason for my concern is the sheer volume of lies and misinformation coming from so-called “authoritative sources”. You know, the same people that brought us “Russia, Russia, Russia” “Stormy Daniels”, Michael Avenatti and “impeach the MF’er” – yeah, those trust worthy “authoritative sources”. Born liars, born power hungry and typically say the exact opposite of the truth. Throw in the ChiCom’s and the lies of that totalitarian nightmare government and we have a recipe for millions of dead people around the world. This is not something I say lightly.

These people are putting our lives in the firing line. If you simply pay attention to the high level information, watch some of the videos that are being smuggled out of China and piece the two together the picture becomes quiet clear.

Begin preparing, begin washing your hands and stop touching your face. Listen to the people that you believe their work, believe their word and trust with your life. Who do you trust with your life? U.S. politicians, ChiCom politicians or some of the voices we have been delivering for years? My voice is great for gold, silver and economics – not pandemics. We bring you truly amazing people and we have been bringing a wide variety of voices to the table for a number of years for the specific purpose of you making the decisions that best fit you and your families needs. Now is the time to put your education to work and care for your family.

Now we have this video that is a patch work of horror. It is primarily – at least the first 18+ minutes – videos taken with cell phones from all around Hubei province. I had to stop watching. Watch at your own peril.

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