Progressive Liberal Coastal Types Will Never, Ever Understand Americans

Progressive Liberal Coastal Types Will Never, Ever Understand Americans by Rory for The Daily Coin
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While most of us no longer farm, our families did at one time and we grew up with the stories. We grew up hearing about walking to school, up hill in both directions, in the snow and blistering sun. These stories are long gone in most households as we no longer have the struggles that make men and women.

Nowadays, the people that believe they know best, you know the ones that live in the big cities along with east and west coasts, who occasionally step in front of a camera to remind us little people how we should be grateful for their blessings and wisdom, these people will never understand those of us in “fly-over” country. Why? Too busy flying-over to ever ask how we’re doing, what we’re doing or if the kids are doing okay.

Michael Bloomberg isn’t making any friends in the agriculture industry, after video of the former NYC Mayor surfaced of him describing farmers as having simple jobs that don’t require much intelligence, according to the Washington Times.

“I could teach anybody, even the people in this room” to be a farmer, said Bloomberg during a 2016 talk at Oxford University in a now-viral clip in which he called agriculture a “process”

“You dig a hole, you put a seed in, you put dirt on top, add water, up comes the corn, he added. Source

A tribute to America and to the Americans that made this nation what it is and to those of us attempting to keep a piece of this America alive. While it’s not a colt we are nursing through the night it’s just as valuable, meaningful and heartbreaking when we lose another small piece of who and what we are. Every time these snowflakes remove another piece of our history, destroy another piece of art work or condemn the people who lived the blood, sweat and tears our heart aches and another brick is removed from the foundation that this once proud Republic stands upon.

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