Here’s Exactly How Bernie’s Utopia Would End in Totalitarianism

Here’s Exactly How Bernie’s Utopia Would End in Totalitarianism By Charlie Daniels for CNS News

If Americans are used to anything, it’s hearing politicians make campaign promises that they forget about when they get in office and never fulfill.

But when a candidate’s whole campaign strategy is based, not only on promises they won’t keep, but promises they cannot possibly keep, it’s a horse of a different color, not just disappointment about breaking promises, but totally dejected disappointment about a whole platform that collapses as the impossibly of the grandiose promises dawns on a totally deflated electorate.

Although socialist doctrine runs deep in the rhetoric of several of the Democratic candidates, the weeding out began in New Hampshire and it appears that Bernie Sanders will be the last man – or woman – standing in the hardcore socialist category.

Let’s look at some of Bernie’s campaign promises, examine the feasibility, the method of funding them and the effect they would have on the citizens and the future of the nation.

Bernie has promised to forgive all student loans, which currently stands at over $1.3 trillion.

Bernie has promised Medicare For All, but the Urban Institute has projected it would cost $34 trillion beyond current federal healthcare expenses to fund the single-payer plan in the first decade of operation.

Bernie has signed on to the Green New Deal. Studies have shownthat the cost of the Green New Deal would be around $93 trillion.

There are many other cradle-to-grave provisos we could go into, but let’s just deal with the $128.3 trillion it would require to finance the promises we have so far.

Just to realize the enormity of the numbers we are dealing with, the $93 trillion for the Green New Deal alone would translate into $600,000 for every household in America.

Of course, Bernie tells us that the rich would “pay their fair share” to cover the utopian socialist society he is proposing, but think about this:

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