Socialism in America, 31 Years Ago

Socialism in America, 31 Years Ago by  for Future of Freedom Foundation / FFF

In my article “A Life of the Lie on Socialism,” I pointed out that one of the big challenges we libertarians face is the fact that so many Americans are still suffering from the indoctrination that has led them to falsely believe that the welfare-warfare state serfdom under which we live is “freedom” and “free enterprise.”

I cited an op-ed in the New York Times by Times’ columnist Timothy Egan as an example of this phenomenon. In his op-ed, Egan wrote, “The United States has never been a socialist country.”

More than 20 years ago, the libertarian Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman made the same point that I made in my article — that the United States was in fact a socialist nation. The title of Friedman’s op-ed was “We Have Socialism, Q.E.D.

Ironically, Friedman’s article was published in the same newspaper in which Egan’s article was published — the New York Times!

It would be fascinating to know whether Egan has ever read Friedman’s article. I would guess, probably not because one would think that if he had, he would have mentioned it in his article and showed why he feels that Friedman was wrong.

Friedman’s point was that the United States was already a socialist nation back in 1989. That’s the point we libertarians make today — that the United States is a socialist nation and that those people who call America’s system “freedom” and “free enterprise” are suffering from official indoctrination that has produced a mindset of self-deception.

Friedman makes the point that socialism has proven to be a disastrous failure and that capitalism has proven to be a tremendous success in terms of economic prosperity. And so what conclusion do welfare-warfare statists reach? Their conclusion, Friedman writes, is “The U.S. needs more socialism.”

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