Current Threats of Coronavirus: Supply Chain Disruptions – Meds, Food and Water

Current Threats of Coronavirus: Supply Chain Disruptions – Meds, Food and Water by Rory for The Daily Coin

As most of you know my job is keeping up with the news and for the past 8+ years I have spent 10+ hours a day – 7 days a week – reading, listening to and paying attention to current affairs. Coronavirus has blown in like a tornado that popped up out of a rabbit hole and is now racing around the world. The proverbial black swan has made a nose dive into the heart of China. I feel confident that you all have lots of questions, concerns and need some clarification as to what is going on.

First and foremost there is a ton of misinformation and wading through the nonsense is a difficult task. With the Chinese government known for being less than honest, and hiding vital information from the public eye, it makes getting accurate, timely information all the more of a challenge.

Remember, “it’s just like the flu…”

This is the latest update, Feb 13, 2020, from Dr Chris Martenson.

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What we know with 100% certainly, and for me provides the backbone of everything that is important regarding this situation.

– 400+ million in China have been quarantined
– multiple cities in China are now on lockdown with some apartment buildings being boarded shut to keep people INSIDE
– several nations that border China have closed their border and will not allow anyone to travel to or from China
– the kill ratio is far higher than is what is being reported – unfortunately, getting accurate information is almost impossible, there are stories that I may share with you all as their accuracy can be determined
– 3 – 1,000+ bed hospitals are being built in Wuhan, China with lots more hospitals are being built throughout China to combat this situation – they look like quarantine facilities instead of hospitals
– globally, the mask that you see people wearing, (Level 3 surgical mask and 3M N95 mask) are either completely sold out or are being sold with delays on shipping and price gouging
– incubation period is 0 to 24 days and can be passed human-to-human without the presence of symptoms the first case in China was reported on December 1, 2019 but no reporting, globally, until late December with the situation becoming uncontrollable January 20, 2020
– manufacturing by several major corporations has been halted within China including FoxConn manufacturing plants that employee upwards of 1 million people
– one company reopened – one infected person was found within and more than 200 people were immediately quarantined and the plant shut down

– Apple closed 100% of their retail stores in China with several other corporations shuttering operations in Wuhan and other cities throughout China
– the virus can live on hard smooth surfaces, and live between 5 and 9 days – it has been reported to have been transmitted in this manner
– the “R0” (R-naught) ratio – this determines how many people can be infected by one person – LESS THAN 1 out of 10 the infection dies and does not get passed around. Currently, it is believed the R0 factor is north of 2 and some have reported north of 6 – if either of these numbers is accurate this infection will get out of control. What this means is somewhere north of 2 people out of 10 will be infected when in close contact of someone carrying coronavirus.
– there is evidence to support – not confirmed – that coronavirus is an “aerosol” which means the micro particles ejected when someone coughs or sneezes are contaminated and will infect those within 5-6 feet of this person.All of the above is currently focused on China, but it is now spreading globally. With airlines continuing to deliver people around the world all through December and January it seems that over the next two to three weeks we are going to see what the potential of this situation is going to be.

If – If – If – by late February we begin seeing 20-30 cases in the U.S. (currently 15) that’s when we need to really pay attention to our local neighborhood / environment, until then, wash your hands more than you ever thought possible and try not to touch your face with your hands, also keep an eye out for what is happening. I am checking 3 different very reliable sources multiple times a day. I pin the most important aspects of this situation at the top of the web site. If it’s not pinned at the top then it’s commentary and people offering their opinion. Only issues regarding the virus / health aspects of this situation are pinned at the top of the page.

There is, obviously, a lot more to this story than what is presented here. The point I’m making is don’t listen to anyone that says this is not a serious situation or is some kind of “conspiracy theory”. The high level points  presented above are 100% verifiable and paint a picture that clearly shows governments around the world are concerned. While the death rate, currently, is not very high ,and we pray that doesn’t go higher, it appears, however, that it is going to go much, much higher. Please keep in mind that China is hiding lots of information, especially, surrounding the death and infection rate.

It’s time to prepare for indoor life and staying away from people outside of your immediate family.

What’s the first rule of Fight Club?

In other words, don’t talk about what you’re doing. Don’t share with others what you have – think of it as discussing your pay – something you should never, ever do. Remember one of the ways to see things is the most dangerous person in a bad situation is a parent with a hungry child. They will do or say whatever is necessary to help their child.

Now is the time to put your prepping knowledge to work. If you haven’t been adding to your stockpile now would be the appropriate time to do so. In a stealth manner begin gathering supplies that your family uses everyday. Place meds at the top of the list and re-up any meds needed for long term health – diabetes, high blood pressure and the like – if possible, get an extra script filled. Begin laying enough supplies for at least 30-45 days or longer.

There is no harm in doing so but if you don’t there could be serious implications if what is currently happening continues unabated. If the situation in China continues to deteriorate you will see major disruptions in everything you have in your home.Supply chain disruption is a very real possibility with the global manufacturing base known as China, in a massive shut down. – Of course, you do as you wish, I’m just passing along information.

Pray hard, pray long and pray that I am 100% wrong.

Love and Light to All,


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