Chinese Experts Warn Of Imminent “Surge” In Coronavirus Cases: Virus Updates

Chinese Experts Warn Of Imminent “Surge” In Coronavirus Cases: Virus Updates from Zero Hedge


  • First case reported in Africa after the Egyptian Health Ministry confirms non-Egyptian patient who recently traveled to China
  • China warns of incoming case surge
  • China says 1,716 medical workers have been infected
  • WHO demands to know more about sick doctors, insists group of 12 virus experts will reach Beijing over the weekend
  • Singapore reports largest daily jump in cases amid increased human-to-human transmission
  • Egypt confirms first case; virus now present in 29 countries/territories
  • Hong Kong reports 3 new cases
  • New quarantine measures take effect in Wuhan
  • President Xi touts new “biosecurity law”
  • Hong Kong Disney land offers space for quarantine
  • Chinese company says blood plasma of recovered patients useful in combating the virus
  • US mulling new travel restrictions
  • Japan reports 4 new cases; one patient recently returned from Hawaii.
  • CDC Director: Virus is “Coming” to the US.
  • 5 presumptive cases reported in British Columbia

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Update (1545ET): For anybody who hoped Wednesday’s surge in new cases and deaths in Wuhan might have been a one off – we’re sorry to disappoint.

Unfortunately, it looks like the data dump (which was blamed on a pro forma death accounting) was only the beginning. Because Chinese health officials warned Friday afternoon that despite a drop on Thursday, they expect a “surge” of cases in the coming days.

Hubei confirmed 4,823 new cases on Thursday, including 3,095 cases diagnosed via X-Ray or CAT scan showing evidence of pneumonia. That was a sudden plunge from the previous day’s total of 14,840 new cases including 13,332 clinically diagnosed cases. On Thursday, 116 deaths were reported in Hubei, down from Wednesday’s 242.

And as the lockdown in Wuhan intensifies…

Of course, there’s little point in lying to people if you’re planning on telling them the “truth” the next day, so at least we understand the reason for the warning. But the news is breaking during the early morning hours of Saturday in China.

Back in North America, British Columbia has a presumptive fifth case, though it looks like it hasn’t yet been confirmed, according to BNO.

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